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The Best Translation of St. Augustine’s ‘Confessions’

In his book Three Philosophies of Life, Dr. Peter Kreeft explains how he rediscovered St. Augustine’s Confessions: “Only once have I ever encountered a translation that made such a difference, that so opened up for me a previously closed book. That was Frank Sheed’s translation of Augustine’s Confessions, which I found to be as living as molten lava. The most … Continue reading

Taylor Marshall

(Video) Interview with Dr. Taylor Marshall – On the Origins of Catholicism

Why Rome? That’s the question Dr. Taylor Marshall focuses on in his newest book, titled The Eternal City: Rome & the Origins of Catholic Christianity (Saint John Press, 2012.) Even to someone reading the New Testament for the first time, it’s evident that most major events take place in Jerusalem. The city was home to the great Temple, the hub … Continue reading

Kevin Knight

Interview with Kevin Knight – On New Advent and Digitizing Catholic Tradition

This interview was originally posted at Ignitum Today: Imagine telling Blessed John Henry Newman or Venerable (!!) Fulton Sheen that it was possible to carry the entire Summa Theologica, the writings of the Church Fathers, and hundreds of Church documents wherever they go, on a device that fits in their pocket. They would have been flabbergasted, jaws dropping to the … Continue reading

Why is Dr. Peter Kreeft Catholic?

I’ve mentioned before that I think Dr. Peter Kreeft is the closest thing we have to C.S. Lewis since C.S. Lewis himself. He’s wise, imaginative, clever, whimsical, prolific, and one of the few sensible philosophers out there. And if G.K. Chesterton was the Apostle of Common Sense, Kreeft must be an apostolic successor. He’s also one of the most famous … Continue reading

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