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7 Reasons to Join the New Saint Thomas Institute (Plus Free Membership!)

Have you ever wished you could go back to school and study Catholic theology? Maybe you’d like to take classes but the timing isn’t right, the school is too far away, or the cost is out of reach.

Well if that describes you, you need to check out Dr. Taylor Marshall’s exciting New Saint Thomas Institute (NSTI). The Institute just launched this morning and spots are filling up fast (readers claimed half of them within the first few minutes.)

UPDATE: The 500 Charter Member slots are now full, but more spots will be opening soon. Stay tuned at

Read below to learn about the Institute, how you can enroll, and how you can win one of four free memberships!

What is the New Saint Thomas Institute?

New Saint Thomas Institute

The New Saint Thomas Institute is a private membership community for those looking to take college courses in theology and philosophy without the high tuition. Dr. Taylor Marshall, a Catholic professor and author, teaches the courses with the help of a professional team of videographers.

Built on the idea that true learning happens in groups, each month you explore a new course topic with Dr. Marshall, expert scholars, and a huge community of students through the Private Forum and Members Q&A Sessions.

There are no deadlines, exams, or term papers. You learn when and how you want to learn. You can take the video courses in the comfort of your own home or anywhere on your computer.

Perhaps most alluring is that it’s far cheaper than a typical Catholic graduate program. The initial 500 members will pay a ridiculously low $25 per month. Future members will enroll for around $40 per month, but this is your chance to get in while the tuition is rock-bottom cheap. If you sign up today (Monday, October 7), your tuition won’t ever go up. You’ll be at $25 forever.

Sample Videos from New Saint Thomas Institute

As one of Taylor’s good friends, I’ve followed the Institute’s progress over the past several months. And what’s most blown me away has been the quality of these video courses. The content and production are both top-notch. Check out a couple sample clips to see what I mean:

7 Reasons to Love Saint Thomas Aquinas

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)
Interview Excerpt with Dr. Mary Moorman on “How to Get into the Vatican Secret Archives”

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

7 Reasons to Join the New Saint Thomas Institute


  1. Academic Training from World-Class Experts and Scholars. Every month the New Saint Thomas Institute features an interview with a world-class expert. Where else can you find regular interviews with leading (orthodox) Catholic scholars? For example, October’s interview with Dr. Mary Moorman on “Why Indulgences” and her research at the Vatican Secret Archives is going to blow your socks off.
  2. Earn a one-year Certificate of Mastery in Philosophy or Theology or both. The Institute offers a continuing education program for credit. Charter members will be able to work toward a one-year Certificate of Mastery. This “for-credit” program is optional. The Institute also has plans to launch a 2-year Masters degree in the future. The diplomas will be available in either Latin or English and they will look amazing hanging on your wall.
  3. Access to Taylor. Taylor’s blog at has grown from a few hundred people to nearly 10,000 daily subscribers. One reason for the New Saint Thomas Institute is that he can now go deeper with people who are ready and willing to do so. The charter members of the New Saint Thomas Institute will become an inner community of people who passionately desire to go deep into St. Paul, St. Augustine, St. Thomas and more. Taylor also hopes to share his upcoming book transcripts and other projects to the members of the Institute. So if you’re looking for personal interaction with world-class teachers and thinkers, this is for you.
  4. “Charter Member.” As a Charter Member, you’ll have full access to all NSTI videos, audio, documents, and bonus items from the very beginning. There will be other types of memberships in the future, but the Charter Member status will be the crown jewel. Charter Membership is only available to those who join during the opening week, beginning today (Monday, October 7.)
  5. Incredibly Low Tuition. Tuition at conservative Catholic colleges is about $2,100 for ONE theology course. Compare that to the New Saint Thomas Institute. As a Charter Member, you’ll lock in your tuition rate at $25 per month for as long as you want. Also, NSTI is taking $5 off your first month, meaning you can enroll for just $20!
  6. Be a Part of a Theology Forum. This is where Taylor hopes to meet new up-and-comers in the New Evangelization. He desires to have working relationships with believers who are writing books, creating apostolic projects, and pioneering the new technology for greater glory of God and His Church. This is a place of dreaming big and creative collaboration for Christ. Or you can just ask a lot of questions and get answers.
  7. Get a Full Refund. Taylor is so convinced that you’ll love the New Saint Thomas Institute that he’s offering a full refund if it doesn’t blow you away in the first 21 days. You have nothing to lose. Enroll as a member. If you don’t like it, give up your spot and you’ll get a full refund no questions asked.


How to Register

The New Saint Thomas Institute is opening registration of Charter Members to the first 500 people at

Taylor already has 2,479 people who have explicitly signed up to receive video courses – with an additional 300 inquiries in just the last few days. So there’s no doubt that those 500 spots will fill up fast.

Here is how registration will work:

  1. 10:00am ET: Email subscribers to who have indicated “interested in video courses” in their email subscriber profile, will get first dibs at registration (this includes over 2,400 people). The first 500 to register will get in. If registration is not full, then Taylor will open it up to…
  2. 1:00pm ET: The rest of the email subscribers (currently 9,662 people). Then he will open up to…
  3. 10:00pm ET: The rest of all public readers (currently about 100,000 people).

To sign up as one of the first Charter Members, visit Enrollment should take  less than one minute. After you sign up, Taylor will have a welcome video waiting for you and he’ll be hanging out all day in the Member Forum in order to say hello as you come in. He’s also hosting an NSTI t-shirt giveaway throughout the day in order to celebrate the launch!

Free Membership Giveaway!

Thanks to Taylor, I’m giving away four, three-month memberships to the New Saint Thomas Institute.

I’m using Rafflecopter to help with the giveaway, which is great because it gives you multiple entries for commenting, posting on Facebook, sharing on Twitter, etc. Click below to enter:

(If you’re reading this through email or RSS and don’t see the giveaway widget, click here.)

The four winners will be randomly selected next Monday and Taylor will contact them with instructions on activating their free membership.

New Saint Thomas Institute

  • 4selkie

    I would love the opportunity to continue taking theology courses. Being retired, it has been unaffordable.

  • Gentillylace

    I am excited because I want to continue my formal education about the Church. I am on a fixed income, however, so a free membership is just about the only option that I would have to do so.

  • Eric Manuel Torres

    What excites me? Catholicism, that’s what. I love the Faith and learning more make you love more.

  • Deacon Ron Pirau

    This is a great resource to equip Catholics to be ready for the new evangelization!

  • Emma Lauren

    Thank you!

  • Avila

    I would love to do this. I work hard to learn what I need to know to teach my kids the faith, and this would be a huge help.

  • Brad Williams

    The charter slots are full, but I’m looking forward to additional spots opening up. I would love to study our Faith, but the cost of obtaining a Master’s degree keeps me from doing it.

  • JerryS

    Go oxen!

  • Bernie Schum

    Sounds great

  • ElizD

    I really love the Saint Thomas Institute idea, I do think this meets a need. And it is economical, but my budget is just too tight right now. If I won the raffle and liked it, in a few months things might not be so tight and I might be able to continue.

  • Maccie

    I have been thinking of studying Theology course but can’t afford the fee nor time. This is just perfect! What a brilliant idea. Would love to deepen my knowledge to defend the faith (and get my husband back to church lol!). I have been listening to Dr Taylor’s podcasts, they are just awesome! I so hope I will get picked as I don’t seem to win any free books yet 😉
    Thanks Brandon!!

  • Thanks for doing this Brandon! You’re the most generous blogger in the Catholic blogosphere without a doubt.

    I look forward to seeing who wins!

  • Deb

    This sounds awesome. With soon to be 5 kids 8 and under, any way that I can learn more from home is great! It is next to impossible to get away!

  • What excites me is the name of the Institute and the fact those who are members get to learn all about Catholicism 🙂

  • Bethie McCarthy

    This will be such a blessing for the ones who win! Praying.

  • David

    Sounds very interesting! Thank you for the info.

  • Mary Katherine

    Having graduated from college, I’m now working as a high school teacher and am involved in youth ministry. I love my job, but I really miss having a community for academic engagement and formation, and most opportunities for continuing that engagement are expensive and not too flexible. This seems like a positive opportunity for the Church, especially those seeking the intellectual life without a lot of change to spare.

  • Greg Cook

    I always find interesting things in Taylor’s writing.

  • CatholicInMD

    Thank you for the valuable information about the New Saint Thomas Institute!

  • Shannon Reker

    This would be an awesome opportunity!

  • Douglas Beaumont

    This might be a good time to let me win . . . 🙂

  • Vincent

    This is a wonderful effort for the New Evangelization. It could grow, not only for individual students, but to provide or supplement programs, such as young adult ministry, liturgical ministry formation, etc.

  • Thadeus

    I’m excited to see Dr. Marshall reaching more and more people through social media and distance learning. It is an exceptional opportunity!!

  • Dan F.


  • Chelsea

    Sounds pretty cool.

  • Damion

    Great idea! It would be great to spread this information to RCIA instructors.

  • Rita Suva

    I’ve been thinking of getting a Masters of Theology and this would give me a great start on that!

  • Francis

    If God wills, there’s always a way!

  • I’m in the MA program at Holy Apostles College and Seminary, which has the best tuition rate of any faithfully Catholic graduate program I could find, and it is an amazing program with fantastic professors. But, when I’m done, it’d be nice to continue my learning at a relatively easy cost.

  • Rebecca Freeh Thornburg

    What a great idea! Looking forward gto exploring!

  • Kevin Noles

    What a wonderful opportunity!

  • Kristin Bird

    This has huge potential. One of the biggest struggles I have is that in order to get work in the Catholic world (church, diocese, non-profit, etc), you have to have a Master’s degree from a reputable Catholic (read: expensive) school. However, it is rare for those jobs to pay a wage that makes those ghastly school loan payments worth it. What remains to be seen is whether or not hiring organizations will see NSTI certificate (and coming Master’s degree) as “legitimate.” Here’s hoping!

    • Harold Norwood


      There is NO mention of obtaining a ‘Master’s degree,’ here at all. Only ‘ a Certificate of Mastery.’ For me NOT the same thing at all !

      • Gentillylace

        Currently, there will be an optional one-year “Certificate of Mastery” program, but it did say there were plans to launch a two-year Master’s degree program in the future (unspecified as to when).

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