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"The Fathers of the Church" – Review

What were the first generations of Christians like immediately after Jesus left them?What were there worship services like? Who were the major leaders and thinkers of the early Church?What have Christians believed throughout the past centuries and how have our current beliefs developed?   These questions–along with many more–are tackled within the book I just finished, “The Fathers of the … Continue reading

"A Million Miles In A Thousand Years" – Review

The overhead lights dim, and the talking quiets until only the crunching of popcorn and the rustlings of candy bags are heard. The projector revs up and displays the beginning of a tale on the oversized screen. Slowly, the entire audience is drawn into another world; another time and place, another story. For many this entrance into another narrative is … Continue reading

Chesterton and Lewis for Beginners

Dear Inquiring Reader, In the past, I’ve repeatedly pointed out that C.S. Lewis has had a tremendous influence on my thought and writings. However, I’ve neglected to mention to you an author who has had an enormous impact on both Lewis and me. This man helped Lewis and me convert: Lewis from atheism to Christianity and me from lukewarm Christianity … Continue reading

Stuff Christians Like

In addition to the articles and book reviews I write, I want to make an effort to link to other blogs, articles, and videos around the internet that I’ve found to be right in line with the things I write about here. Many times throughout the day I find myself reading something that takes my breath away, or something that … Continue reading

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