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"Telling The Truth" – Frederick Buechner – Review

A question is asked among bibliomaniacs that seems to be some rite of passage—bookstores constantly ring with these particular words. Your answer can instantly describe a good deal of your character and will get you instantly categorized. That question is, of course, “Who is your favorite author?” I’ve never felt adequate just giving a one-name answer—it would be like choosing … Continue reading

Father’s Day

Today is a day to remember and honor all fathers. Everyone either is one or has one, and everybody surely knows one. Please thank them. Or, at the very least, thank God for them. There are few things that have more potential impact in this world than fatherhood. With it comes the potential to raise children of confidence and greatness. … Continue reading

Steve Harvey introducing Jesus….

In one of Steve Harvey’s standup shows, he decides to give what he would consider to be a “proper introduction” of Christ. Remembering that this is a comedy show, not a church service, filled with many people who couldn’t care less about Jesus, watch what happens:

The Story of Life

Over the past year or so, there has been a continuous theme weaving its way throughout my life. Almost all of my longings, all of my prayers, and all of my readings have recently been thick with a single motif. The theme is that of ‘story’. By ‘story’ I mean a few particular things. First, I’ve discovered my life to … Continue reading

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