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[Video] The Secrets of Deep Reading (and How to Stop Forgetting Everything You Read!)

It’s here! Click below to watch Video #3 in my FREE video series on how to double the number of books you read: Watch Video #3 → The Secrets of Deep Reading We’ve already covered the “2 Reasons You Don’t Read More Books” (Video #1) and “How to Make More Time for Reading” (Video #2). Several people commented saying those … Continue reading

[Video] How the World’s Best Readers Find More Time to Read

I hope you’re enjoying the FREE video series on how to double the number of books you read! In Video #1, which I posted a couple days ago, I revealed the two biggest challenges people face when reading: “I don’t have enough time to read” and “I just can’t focus when I read.” Today, in Video #2, I’ll help you conquer … Continue reading

Dear Catholic Techies: Help G.K. Chesterton’s Cause for Sainthood!

[TL;DR: If you’re a web designer, developer, or database specialist, and you like G.K. Chesterton, please email me at Play a key role in Chesterton’s cause for sainthood! We need your expertise!]     Last month, I attended the 2016 G.K. Chesterton Conference in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. It was such a blast. I joined over 300 fellow Chestertonians to celebrate GKC’s wit and … Continue reading

[Video] The 2 Reasons You Don’t Read More Books

Did you know that last year, a quarter of American adults did not finish a SINGLE book?? The average adult finished just 10 books in 2015. That means most of us struggle to squeeze out just ONE book per month. And it’s getting worse. Thanks to Netflix and Facebook and phones and TV, there are just SO many distractions to … Continue reading

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