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[Video] The 2 Reasons You Don’t Read More Books

Did you know that last year, a quarter of American adults did not finish a SINGLE book?? The average adult finished just 10 books in 2015. That means most of us struggle to squeeze out just ONE book per month. And it’s getting worse. Thanks to Netflix and Facebook and phones and TV, there are just SO many distractions to … Continue reading

The Fulfillment of All Desire: An Interview with Dr. Ralph Martin

Ten years ago, when Dr. Ralph Martin published The Fulfillment of All Desire (Emmaus Road Publishing, 2006), he thought he would produce a helpful guide to the Catholic spiritual tradition that perhaps a few thousand people would use. Little did he know it would become a modern spiritual classic. The book is one of the bestselling Catholic books of our … Continue reading

Champions of the Rosary: An Interview with Fr. Donald Calloway

Fr. Donald Calloway has one of the most amazing conversion stories I’ve ever come across. He was a modern day Augustine, wrapped up in all the wrong things (and even getting DEPORTED from Japan because things got so bad!) But then through a few providential encounters, which you’ll learn about below, he not only came to know God but discerned … Continue reading

St. Teresa of Calcutta on the 2 Words Jesus Wants You to Hear

This past weekend, we celebrated the canonization of our newest saint, St. Teresa of Calcutta! As the whole world buzzes with admiration for this holy nun, I thought I’d share a marvelous letter that she wrote during Eucharistic adoration, which includes the two words Jesus wants all of us to hear. (NOTE: If you haven’t already, be sure to download … Continue reading

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