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Do Catholics worship idols?

In their newest video, Spirit Juice Studios and Fr. Pontifex use art and spoken-word poetry to answer a common question: do Catholics worship idols? “We gave this video the title of “Idol Worship” because many times that is exactly what Catholics are accused of without really knowing what we believe. This video is an attempt to creatively give expression to … Continue reading

(Video) Interview with Patrick Madrid – On Catholic Apologetics and the New Atheism

When Patrick Madrid started in Catholic apologetics back in 1987, it wasn’t nearly as popular as today. In the wake of the Second Vatican Council, apologetics didn’t jive with the ecumenical spirit of the 60’s and 70’s, which put more emphasis on what Catholicism had in common with other faiths rather than what set it apart. Yet along with Karl … Continue reading

Weekly Giveaway (10/05)

“Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others.” – St. Augustine Because I’ve built up a large collection of extra books and resources, every week I give away some absolutely free, no strings attached. Each giveaway lasts seven days with a new one beginning each Friday, and … Continue reading

“Getting Started in Apologetics” CD Set – Review

Getting Started in Apologetics CD Set by Patrick Coffin   If my interview with him wasn’t clear, I’m a huge fan of Patrick Coffin. Patrick is the witty host of “Catholic Answers Live”, the country’s most popular Catholic radio show. He’s a Canadian blend of Fulton Sheen and G.K. Chesterton sporting the former’s charm and the latter’s jest. He’s also a … Continue reading

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