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5 Surprising Facts from the Latest U.S. Poll About God and Atheism

CARA is a national, non-profit research group affiliated with Georgetown University. It conducts social scientific studies about the Catholic Church. Founded in 1964, CARA has three major dimensions to its mission: to increase the Church’s self understanding to serve the applied research needs of Church decision-makers to advance scholarly research on religion, particularly Catholicism CARA’s latest research concerns religious belief in … Continue reading

Can You Be Good Without God? [Video]

I’ve written before about William Lane Craig, whom I consider the sharpest Christian apologist today, especially when engaging atheists and agnostics. The Evangelical philosopher travels around the country giving workshops and lectures. He’s probably best known for his public debates with well-known skeptics. (You can watch many of them on his excellent Reasonable Faith website.) Craig previously released a short … Continue reading

From Atheist Philosopher to Coptic Desert Monk [Video]

This fascinating 18-minute documentary covers the life and conversion of Father Anthony El Lazarus, a Coptic monk living in seclusion in the Red Sea mountains, in a 4th-century monastery about 200 miles southeast of Cairo, Egypt. He spent the first forty years of his life as an atheist, lecturing in Australian universities on literature and philosophy. But after his mother … Continue reading

How the Incredible Fine-Tuning of the Universe Points to God

Many non-believers claim, “Science has buried the idea of God.” But is that true? Not according to contemporary science itself, which continues to reveal extraordinary support for belief in a super-intelligent, transcendent, creative power standing at the origins of our universe—what most people call “God.” One example is the apparent fine-tuning of the universe. The initial conditions of the universe, … Continue reading

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