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The most powerful Bible resource ever available

Check back tomorrow because I’m giving away a complete Verbum Basic package from Logos. It includes 226 books and resources —a digital library worth over $2,700!     NOTE: Despite my enthusiasm, I don’t work for Logos nor do I receive anything for promoting them outside of testing software. I’m just a huge fan of their products.   I’ve written … Continue reading

God sees you.

There’s a beautiful juxtaposition between today’s Gospel and today’s saint, St. Vincent de Paul. First the Gospel: Luke 9:7-9 “Herod the tetrarch heard about all that was happening, and he was greatly perplexed because some were saying, “John has been raised from the dead”; others were saying, “Elijah has appeared”; still others, “One of the ancient prophets has arisen.” But … Continue reading

(Video) Interview with Jeff Cavins – On Catholic Bible Study

One common myth about Catholics is that we don’t study the Bible. It’s especially popular among our Protestant brothers and sisters. According to the view, Catholics pray to Mary, go to Mass, serve the poor, and play tons of Bingo but they rarely engage the written word of God. I held the same misconception for years as a Protestant. But … Continue reading

“100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura” – Review

100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura by Dave Armstrong   No belief is more central to Protestantism than sola Scriptura, which says the Bible is the only infallible, authoritative source of Christian faith and practice. It was a main rallying cry of the original Protestant Reformers and remains so today. While Catholics root their authority in the three-legged stool of … Continue reading

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