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How to Give a Talk like Fulton Sheen

Although most people cite Martin Luther King Jr. and Billy Graham as the greatest preachers of the twentieth century, Fulton Sheen is right there with them, in my book. Talk to anyone who heard him on TV or the radio and they’ll be quick to agree. They’ll gush over his magnetism, aura, tone, and rhythm, all of which were captivating—just stream some of … Continue reading

Death by Living: Life Is Meant to Be Spent

In a world of stuffy theology and turgid prose, N.D. Wilson offers a breath of fresh air. He’s a poet-theologian who stares wide-eyed at our wondrous world, glimpsing in every ordinary moment a glimmer of God’s whim and surprise—much like Chesterton and Lewis in the last century. (Like those two giants, Wilson also see-saws back-and-forth between writing children’s literature and … Continue reading

Greg Willits and Two Popes Who Beat Each Other Up

Today marks the official release of Greg Willits’ exciting new book, The New Evangelization and You: Be Not Afraid. Greg was the perfect guy to write it. Those who know him know he embodies the New Evangelization. He’s funny, creative, winsome, and willing to do whatever it takes to draw people to the Lord. He lives out the “new ardor, … Continue reading

Pope Benedict’s new “Jesus of Nazareth” book is here! (w/ excerpt)

Today marks the long-awaited release date for the Pope’s latest, and perhaps final, book. Titled Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives (Image Books, hardcover, 144 pages), it’s the third volume in his trilogy on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. A Facebook friend asked if he should read this latest volume now, or wait until he read the first … Continue reading

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