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(Video) Interview with Dr. Taylor Marshall – On the Origins of Catholicism

Why Rome? That’s the question Dr. Taylor Marshall focuses on in his newest book, titled The Eternal City: Rome & the Origins of Catholic Christianity (Saint John Press, 2012.) Even to someone reading the New Testament for the first time, it’s evident that most major events take place in Jerusalem. The city was home to the great Temple, the hub … Continue reading

Was the Early Church Theologically Accurate?

John Piper is maybe the most revered teacher in the Reformed Protestant tradition. He’s been a a pillar of the Protestant community for decades and his most famous book, Desiring God,  has sold millions of copies. Even as a Catholic I admire Piper’s sharp intellect and his ravenous love for Scripture, both of which put mine to shame. But with … Continue reading

"The Great Heresies" – Review

Hilaire Belloc –historian, poet, and apologist extraordinaire—died as one of the twentieth century’s premier writers. With his encyclopedic knowledge of European history, Belloc emerged as an expert in Christian antiquity. In “The Great Heresies” (TAN books, paperback, 151 pages), his greatest book, according to many—Belloc focuses his wisdom on the five greatest threats to the Christian Faith over the past two … Continue reading

The Catholic Mass in 155 A.D.

Here is a letter from St. Justin Martyr in 155 A.D. describing the weekly Christian liturgy of the Early Church. Anyone familiar with the modern Catholic Mass–and therefore the Eucharist–will immediately recognize its roots in these words: (Hat tip to Matt Warner at Fallible Blogma)

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