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New Stats on Why Young People Leave the Church

In my book, RETURN: How to Draw Your Child Back to the Church, I pore through all the data about why young people leave the Church, where they go, and what they believe. Most of the analysis stemmed from surveys conducted by the Pew Research Center, CARA, the Barna Group, and Dr. Christian Smith’s team at Notre Dame. However, a new survey was … Continue reading

Resisting Happiness - Matthew Kelly

Resisting Happiness: An Interview with Matthew Kelly

A few years ago I discovered Steven Pressfield’s bestselling book, The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles. It’s one of the few books that I finished, immediately re-read, and then raved about to anyone who would listen. Pressfield’s diagnosis of what haunts all writers and artists—he calls it Resistance—is spot on. We all … Continue reading

[VIDEO] Make a Mess, Be a Fool, and Evangelize the World: Interview with Matthew Warner

Today I’m excited to interview one of my best friends, Matthew Warner. He’s the founder and CEO of Flocknote, an innovative communication tool helping thousands of churches and dioceses better connect with their flocks. He’s also one of the founders and speakers of the Digital Church Conference and a popular blogger and speaker. Most excitedly, Matthew just released his first … Continue reading

The Man Who Baptized 700,000 People

Born in 1506 in Navarre, Spain, Francis Xavier was the youngest son of a wealthy state official. Although his brothers joined the army, Francis studied law and theology at the University of Paris, where he also met St. Ignatius of Loyola, the eventual founder of the Jesuits. Ignatius shared with Francis a dream of creating a group of men wholly … Continue reading

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