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Interview with Msgr. Charles Pope – Blogging, Preaching, and Doubling the Size of Your Parish

What if your pastor stood up next Sunday and said he wanted to double the size of the parish within one year? That’s exactly what happened at Holy Comforter-St. Cyprian Catholic parish in Washington DC, a predominantly African-American parish. Monsignor Charles Pope made that bold challenge last September and then got to work. He trained forty parishioners to evangelize door-to-door, had another … Continue reading

The Most Powerful Tool for Evangelism

Here’s a new video by Fr. Barron that ranks as perhaps my all-time favorite. He asks a very important question: what’s the best evangelistic tool that we have? Is it arguments? Ethics? Doctrines? Appeals to authority? No. It’s joy. Joy is a lure that draws people to wonder about its source. When it’s most charged and visible in some person, … Continue reading

"Awestruck" – A New African Social Network

On the heels of Aleteia, an evangelistic website sponsored by two Vatican councils, we now have Awestruck, a social networking site created by some tech-savvy Catholics in South Africa: When I first discovered the site, I was a bit skeptical. We’ve seen several “Catholic social-networking” sites rise and fall so how could this one avoid that fate? The simple fact … Continue reading

Aleteia: Where Questions, Faith, and New Media Collide

Aleteia, a new website debuting later this month, will be a welcoming home for those with questions about life and faith. It’s a great example of new media being used correctly as it’s grounded on conversation. Instead of a repository of Catholic information, the site will be an open dialogue where all truth-seekers are welcome. “Aleteia comes from the ancient greek … Continue reading

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