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For the Last Time in Forever… (aka Vogt Karaoke Night)

What would it take to convince me to belt out songs from Frozen? Turns out, just a couple of cute kids. Isaiah (6) and Teresa (5) decided to have Vogt Karaoke night a couple weeks ago. And (of course) they each chose a show-stopping ballad from Frozen. Isaiah and I joined forces to lip-sync his song (and the tired boy … Continue reading

Catholic Memes

Interview with Ryan Scheel – On Evangelizing through Memes

Back in ninth-century Moravia, two brothers named Cyril and Methodius set out to evangelize. The Moravian people were religiously inclined and open to the Gospel, but there was a big problem: they had no alphabet. The two evangelists, therefore, had no way of sharing the Bible or other liturgical texts. Yet that did not stop them. They studied the native … Continue reading

Why I Love Nuns

Because they exude joy:   (If you can’t see the video, click here.)  

The Smiling Pope’s Letter to Mark Twain: Humor, Hitler, and Three Different Johns

Today I’m over at Ignitum Today writing about the forgotten Pope and his letter to Mark Twain: What if Cardinal Timothy Dolan became Pope? That’s probably a long-shot, but it’s a question I’ve been hearing more and more especially as his star rises across the world. When asked, one answer I like to give is, “Well, look back to 1978 … Continue reading

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