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Join the Movement [VIDEO #5]

NOTE: This is Video #5 in my new 5-part series “Why It’s Time for a Catholic Dumbledore’s Army (and Why You Need to Join)”! Watch the video above or read the transcript below. And sign up to get the rest of the videos at!


Welcome back to this free video series on “Why It’s Time for a Catholic Dumbledore’s Army (and Why You Need to Join)”!

I’m Brandon Vogt, bestselling author of seven books, including Why I Am Catholic and RETURN.

Now, we’ve covered a ton of stuff in this video series, all these epiphanies and strategies. And I’m sure it’s been super helpful.

But I want you to take a breath right now and think carefully about this next question. Really think about it, because it’s important:

If you followed what I showed you in this video series, and joined a Catholic Dumbledore’s Army, which taught you how to masterfully discuss any hot-button issue, and you were able to do all that in just 15 minutes per week, how would that change your life?

Really think about it. What would it be like if you were a confident Catholic, and never afraid to discuss these hard topics?

Can you imagine if you were just as confident as Harry Potter, or his friends, or even Dumbledore when discussing these hard topics? Think about it.

Remember, to do this, you need one important thing: a Catholic Dumbledore’s Army, a community of other Catholics who will teach you, coach you, encourage you, and get you up to speed—who will give you the 5% you need and help you master it.

And that’s exactly what happens inside ClaritasU.

“Claritas” is the Latin word for clarity, and that’s what ClaritasU is all about: helping you get clear about the hardest issues you face as a Catholic, so you can discuss them with friends and family with confidence. Whether it’s atheism, same-sex marriage, transgenderism, abortion, science—ClaritasU will get you up to speed, fast.

ClaritasU is the Catholic Dumbledore’s Army we’ve been describing throughout this entire video series. Basically, I wanted something like this for years, but nothing like it really existed—so I created it myself.

It’s now one of the most innovative movements in the Church. Over 4,000 people have signed up, and we’ve built this massive community of Catholics, just like you and me, who are learning the best tips and strategies. It’s become sort of an online Hogwarts, but for Catholics and not wizards.

So if you’re ready to join this new movement, just open a new tab or window and go to to sign up now, or just click the button below.

However, this is important: next Thursday, the doors will close. After that, you won’t be able to get in. If you go to that website, you just won’t see a signup button. So now is the time to signup.

Now, in the last video, Video #4, I explained the basic premise of ClaritasU: we move through a series of video courses on each topic, and each course lasts for two months. During those two months, you get one 10-15 minute video lesson per week.

But you’re probably still wondering, “What do you learn in those video lessons?” Well, here’s the key: the video lessons follow the same pattern of mastery that Harry Potter and St. Thomas Aquinas used, the one we learned earlier in this series. Remember that?

So, typically, the first video in each course will give you an overview of the topic, telling you why it’s important, and giving you a big-picture view.

Then you’ll learn the Catholic view on the topic, and how to explain it easily and clearly.

Next, I reveal the best objections to the Catholic view, the ones you’ll hear most often in conversation. This is critical because once you’ve encountered the best objections, you simply won’t be surprised or nervous by them when discussing the topic with friends, because you’ve already mastered the best they can throw at you.

After learning the objections, you’ll then learn the best responses to those objections. I’ll tell you exactly how to answer them, giving you simple, memorable talking points.

Finally, every course includes a book talk video (where I share my favorite books on the topic, in case you want to go further), an expert interview video (where I sit down with one of the best Catholic experts in the world on that issue, so they can give you their best tips and advice), and finally a live Q&A where you can ask me whatever questions you have about the topic (it’s kind of like you and me going out for coffee every couple months so you can pick my brain, ask me questions, and talk through your struggles.)

So you get all that within every course at ClaritasU. Then once you finish the course, you will be a master on the topic. It’s that easy. In two months, you’ll be discussing the topic as if you were Dumbledore.

But then here’s the great part: after those two months end, and we finish whatever topic we’re studying, we then shift to a new course over the next two months, on a new hot-button topic, and repeat the same pattern.

So ClaritasU is an ongoing series of courses, not a one-time thing. This means you’ll be constantly growing. You’ll constantly have cutting-edge skills and advice, and you’ll remain on top of the current issues. You’ll never be behind the curve.

But here’s another big reason ClaritasU works: it’s not just abstract theory. I mean, I could stand behind a podium and give you 20 or 30 hour-long lectures on a given topic, going into all the abstract details.

But that really wouldn’t help you. That would be like a Dolores Umbridge class. Instead, at ClaritasU, you’ll learn real, practical skills that you can use in real conversations—the key 5% of tips and strategies that will actually make a difference for you.

Also, this is really cool: we have a big Community area inside ClaritasU where we practice with one each other, honing our skills and discovering what works and what doesn’t. Just picture Harry, Ron, Hermione, and all their friends in Dumbledore’s Army—that’s what the ClaritasU Community area is like.

So that’s the core of this special offer. When you join ClaritasU today, you become part of this Catholic Dumbledore’s Army. You get a new course every two months, with new lessons each week, and you’ll master all the most difficult topics.

So just open a new tab or window, and go to to sign up right now.

Don’t forget though: the doors close next Thursday, so you want to sign up today.

Now as I mentioned, I’ve worked with thousands of students at ClaritasU, so I’ve applied and refined this process over and over—course after course, topic after topic. I can confidently say: it works. And it’s worked for all kinds of people.

There are just so many success stories, but I’ll share just one with you. This is Greg from Madison, Wisconsin—he’s one of our students at ClaritasU and recently posted this update in our Community area.

Greg had just finished our “Answering Atheism” course at ClaritasU. I won’t read the whole comment—you can pause the video and read it if you want—but just noted the highlighted portion.

After explaining how effortlessly he spoke about God to his atheist friends, Greg observed:

I just love that. Isn’t that cool? Again, Greg had just gone through our “Answering Atheism” course at ClaritasU when he found himself hanging out with an atheist friend. They were discussing science, when Greg used one of the arguments for God he learned in the course.

Greg laid out the argument so effortlessly and clearly that his atheist friend had no good counter-arguments! It wasn’t Greg who was tongue-tied; it was his friend! Greg was cool and confident. How awesome is that??

I especially love what Greg says at the end: “Nice to not have to struggle with the thought process—just rolled off the tongue like we were having a beer; fun and not confrontational. How refreshing!”

Imagine feeling like that. Imaging being able to discuss the hardest topics effortlessly, without any struggle, with the words just rolling off your tongue. Imagine it being fun and not confrontational! How relieved and happy would you feel?

Well, that’s exactly what Greg experienced thanks to ClaritasU, thanks to this Catholic Dumbledore’s Army, and that’s exactly what you’ll experience, too.

Again, that’s just one story but we have SO many others from men and women all over the world: young and old, teenagers, young adults, moms, dads, grandparents—even priests, religious, and seminarians!

Here’s what Maggie, another one of our students said:

“Being part of ClaritasU is the greatest thing I have done for myself!”

Awesome, right? “Being part of ClaritasU is the greatest thing I have done for myself.” Just amazing!

Now, I want to be frank: normally, membership to something like ClaritasU would cost at least $67/month. In fact, many online coaching programs and communities charge way more than that—they charge upwards of $150/month to $200/month for personal coaching.

But here’s the thing: if you sign up today, you will not be paying $200/month, or $150/month, or even $67/month. Your cost is only $20/month, which is an enormous bargain for what you’re getting.

Just let me put it into context for you: last year, tuition at the average Catholic university in America was $28,875 per year—that’s almost $30,000.

Yet your price at ClaritasU is only $20/month, which is just 0.8% the cost of a big Catholic college—less than 1%!

So which would you choose: $20/month or $30,000/year?

Plus with ClaritasU, there’s no busy-work or boring lectures. You only get practical advice that you can use immediately in your ordinary, day-to-day conversations.

Also, it’s totally flexible. You can watch the videos wherever you want, whenever you want, on any device! You don’t have to move or travel or commute or show up to class at a particular time, like you do at a college. It’s all about making things easy and convenient for you.

So just go to to sign up now and get started.

But remember, one more time: this special offer is only available for the next few days. Next Thursday, I’ll be taking the page down, and you won’t be able to sign up. The doors will close. So now is the time to sign up! Just go to to sign up right now.

Well, I want to thank you again for watching this free video series. I hope you enjoyed it. And I hope you’ve seen why it’s critical that you join a Catholic Dumbledore’s Army, so I’ll look forward to seeing you inside ClaritasU!

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