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[Video] My 3-Year-Old Son Saying Mass on Easter

When our family arrived home after Mass on Easter Sunday, our three-year-old son Augustine announced that he wanted to say Mass himself. (Partly because he’s pious, partly because he just wanted the free graham cracker used to say Mass.) So we got out the kids’ Mass kit—the same one that his older brother, Isaiah, began using when he was three … Continue reading

Elements of the Catholic Mass: Beautiful New YouTube Series

A new YouTube series from Mundelein Seminary’s Liturgical Institute unveils the Mass in elegant ways. “Elements of the Catholic Mass” is designed to help the faithful better appreciate the beauty of the Mass. The program consists of high quality, weekly short videos of 2-5 minutes. All the videos are available online for free, and are ideal for personal formation or for groups. Check them out below and download … Continue reading

[Video] How My Family Dresses for Mass

When my friend Eric Coughlin from Two Sense Films emailed me describing his new project, I thought it was a great idea. He wanted to create a short movie on dressing respectfully for Mass. His last film on altar servers was fantastic so I knew this would be another winner. Then Eric asked if my family wanted to participate. I … Continue reading

The Power of Daily Mass: An Interview with Bert Ghezzi

After I became Catholic six years ago, my wife and I moved to Orlando and joined our current parish. It was there I met Bert Ghezzi, and we quickly hit off. He wrote books, I read books. He had a large family, we wanted a large family. He was holy, kind, and prayerful, all traits I wanted myself. But one … Continue reading

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