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Can You Be Good Without God? [Video]

I’ve written before about William Lane Craig, whom I consider the sharpest Christian apologist today, especially when engaging atheists and agnostics. The Evangelical philosopher travels around the country giving workshops and lectures. He’s probably best known for his public debates with well-known skeptics. (You can watch many of them on his excellent Reasonable Faith website.) Craig previously released a short … Continue reading

Robert George

Interview with Robert George – What Is Marriage?

  Last year, Our Sunday Visitor asked me to write a special section for their newsweekly on marriage. The centerpiece was a 4,000-word article titled “The 10 Best Arguments for “Same-Sex Marriage”…and Why They’re Flawed”. I also wrote a short article on the need for logic and charity when discussing controversial topics like marriage. One big highlight of preparing the … Continue reading

How I Wish the Abortion Debate Would Have Gone

Last night’s Vice Presidential debate was filled with memorable moments. There were Paul Ryan’s one liners, Joe Biden’s giggling, and some great discussion on foreign and domestic policy. But the most poignant and significant exchange took place near the end, when the topic turned to abortion. Biden and Ryan are both Catholic, yet the two hold dramatically different views about … Continue reading

Faith and Reason: Why Both are Needed

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