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Does the Church know how to reach the modern world?

That’s the title of a piece I wrote for Catholic Exchange, which was adapted from The Church and New Media book: “Marshall McLuhan, a 1960s media prophet, was one of the first to predict how digital technology shapes culture. Decades before the Internet became mainstream, McLuhan warned of the unintended effects brought by each new communication tool. His still-famous phrase “the … Continue reading

Weekly Giveaway (12/23)

“Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others.” – St. Augustine Because I’ve built up a large collection of duplicate books and resources, each week I’m giving away one or more of these items, absolutely free, no strings attached. You can enter anytime during each week for … Continue reading

Embracing New Media and the New Evangelization

Here’s a great new video by eCatholic, one of the best Catholic web designers out there. From Adam to Moses to Bishop Fulton Sheen to Pope Benedict XVI to modern digital evangelists, the video takes you on a vibrant tour of Catholic media history. (And they even featured The Church and New Media book!)

Catch my FoxNews Interview!

I don’t think the full interview is available online, but they’ve posted the first half in their “Featured Video” section:   Watch the latest video at   I wish they included the second half as we discussed the most common religious questions people are asking online, and then I attempted to explain what barriers people have to … Continue reading

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