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How the Most Powerful Catholic Technology Just Got Better

NOTE: Despite my enthusiasm, I don’t work for Logos nor do I receive anything for promoting them outside of testing software. I’m just a huge fan of their products.   I’ve written several times before about how the Logos Verbum software is the most powerful Catholic technology in Church history. I use it almost every day for research, writing, and … Continue reading

Become a Social Media Master in Just 30-Minutes a Day

One of the most common questions people ask me at conferences and speaking events is, “How many minutes do you spend each day on social media?” It’s a great question that we don’t really address in The Church and New Media. I typically reply: “Well, that’s tough to answer. Some people block out a specific amount of time to use … Continue reading

The Best Way To Study Thomas Aquinas

  Regular readers know my enthusiasm for the Logos Verbum software. It’s simply the most powerful Bible resource ever available, and I know of no better way to study the Catechism. I use Logos everyday, both on my laptop for research and my iPad for personal Scripture study. Logos always has cool projects in the pipeline, but perhaps the most … Continue reading

Free the Word

Free the Word: Why the Church Needs to Release Her Teachings to the World

  “We are many times controllers of faith, instead of becoming facilitators of the faith of the people.” — Pope Francis   The problem: Right now, many of the faithful are being restricted from fully sharing Scripture and other teachings of the Church in the most effective ways. We need to be flooding the world with the lumen fidei—the light … Continue reading

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