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Pier Giorgio Frassati, Man of the Beatitudes: An Interview with Archbishop Peter Sartain

I recently had dinner with Archbishop Peter Sartain, the affable leader of Seattle’s Catholic community. Quickly I learned why so many churchman admire him. After an exchange of greetings, the first thing he did was hand me a second-class relic of Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati, my favorite saint. That launched a long conversation about the man Pope John Paul II … Continue reading

The Porn Myth: An Interview with Matt Fradd

Most people know pornography is harmful. It enslaves viewers, rips apart marriages, and denigrates the lives of so many “performers” who end up used, abused, and discarded. But lots of people, including an increasing amount of young people, think porn is no big deal. In their minds, people only shun porn for religious reasons or because they’re sexually repressed. So … Continue reading

Learning from an Apostle of Encouragement and Service

Today we continue our regular series called “Learning from the Saints.” Our guide is expert Bert Ghezzi, a dear friend of mine and the author of numerous books including Voices of the Saints, Saints at Heart, and Discover Christ: Developing a Personal Relationship with Jesus. His more recent books are The Power of Daily Mass and The Heart of Catholicism. You can learn more about Bert and … Continue reading

The Crazy Questions My Kids Asked Bishop Barron

Many of you know that my family is currently on a cross-country road trip (32 days, 7,000+ miles, five young kids, lots of fun!) A few weeks ago we left Orlando, FL and drove all the way to Santa Barbara, CA, stopping at several places along the way. (Look for a photo recap soon!) While in California, we spent a … Continue reading

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