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"Disorientation" – Review

One hundred years after G.K. Chesterton penned his famous Heretics, editor John Zmirak has produced a modern version of Chesterton’s classic work. Zmirak’s book, titled Disorientation: How to go to College Without Losing Your Mind (Ascension Press, 188 pages, paperback), brings together fourteen contributors, each picking apart a common ideology found on college campuses. The book was written to give … Continue reading

Should you lie in order to prevent evil?

This question is generating a lot of controversy in the Christian blogosphere: the admirable Lila Rose and her Live Action team recently posed as underage prostitutes in search of abortions. Despite claiming to be underage and enslaved by a pimp, the girls were encouraged by employees of the demonic Planned Parenthood to silently have abortions. The employees refrained from reporting … Continue reading

Kreeft: "The Three Most Profound Ideas I’ve Ever Had"

Peter Kreeft, maybe the wisest, wittiest, most logical person I’ve encountered, has a new article titled “The Three Most Profound Ideas I’ve Ever Had”. Go read it if you want to grow wiser yourself. (On that same note, one of the best books I read last year–though it didn’t make my Top 15–was Kreeft’s Before I Go. In the book, … Continue reading

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