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Pope John Paul II

Bl. Pope John Paul II and My Trip to the Vatican’s Roof

On this day two years ago, I found myself in Rome, jammed shoulder-to-shoulder with 1.5 million people including, purportedly, 1/8 of Poland’s population. We cheered and prayed and celebrated as Pope Benedict beatified our great hero, Pope John Paul II, thus bestowing on him the title “blessed.” (If rumors are true, Pope Francis will take the final step and canonize … Continue reading

3 Keys to Sharing Your Faith with Joy

Every day I talk with atheists, Protestants, and other non-Catholics about my faith. Sometimes the discussion is personal, with me sharing how Jesus has changed my life. Other times it centers on moral issues like abortion, homosexuality, or contraception. And still other times I deal with objections to things like the male-only ordination, the Church’s “anti-science” stance, or her bold … Continue reading

Interview with Christopher West

On Monday I reviewed Christopher West’s new book, At the Heart of the Gospel: Reclaiming the Body for the New Evangelization. Today I’m featuring an interview I did with Christopher in which he covers a range of interesting topics. Watch the video or stream the audio below (sorry for the choppy picture–still getting the hang of it): AUDIODownload the mp3 … Continue reading

"At the Heart of the Gospel" – Review

Be sure to watch my video interview with Christopher, and also check out out the Patheos Book Club this month for more great discussion about this book. Chances are when you hear the phrase ‘theology of the body’, Christopher West is one of the first people you think of. West has written several books on the topic and has helped thousands … Continue reading

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