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Why I’m Glad the Pope is ‘Just a Man’

My latest article over at (formerly “You actually follow the Pope?!” people have asked me, sure that this is just as silly as believing in fairies. “He’s just a man like you and me! What are you brainwashed?” For many years, I wondered the same thing about Catholics. Before I entered the Church I questioned why so many … Continue reading

My Trip to the Vatican’s Roof

One of the biggest highlights of my recent trip to Rome was attending the beatification of my hero, Pope John Paul II. What made the celebration extra amazing was that I acquired a special pass that got me all the way up to the colonnade roof overlooking St. Peter’s square. The view was absolutely incredible. Though the notable dignitaries sitting … Continue reading

I’m in Rome!

A few articles on my Roman adventure: My most recent update on the OSV Daily Take: “Beatific Visions” An earlier article I wrote on “Popes, Saints, and Bloggers” A feature story about the trip in The Florida Catholic

Why Pope John Paul II is one of my heroes

 One of the primary reasons why Pope John Paul II is a hero in my book is his role in the non-violent defeat of Communism. It’s a small, small part of his historical significance–it doesn’t even touch upon his prophetic teachings on life, dignity, human sexuality, the Eucharist, the Church, and his embrace of media–but his compelling leadership, contagious boldness, … Continue reading

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