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How to Conquer Porn: An Interview with Matt Fradd

Thanks to the Internet, pornography remains one of today’s most insidious threats to dignity and family. It destroys relationships, undermines love, and it traps viewers in a web of addiction. How can we battle against it? How can we free people from its allure? How can guide our family, children, and ourselves down the path of purity? My good friend … Continue reading

The Biggest Myth About Pornography

Today, Bishop Paul S. Loverde (Arlington, VA) published an important, wide-ranging pastoral letter titled “Bought With a Price: Every Man’s Duty to Protect Himself and His Family From a Pornographic Culture” (PDF). It’s available free at and will soon be available in Kindle format. Although the document can be read online beginning today, it’s officially dated March 19, the … Continue reading

(Video) Interview with Matt Fradd – On Pornography, Masculinity, and Atheism

Today I have the great pleasure of interviewing Matt Fradd. Matt was born in Australia—hence the wicked accent which makes him sound 36% more intelligent—but now lives and works in San Diego, California for the well-known apostolate, Catholic Answers. As a Catholic apologist, Matt helps people discover the beauty and truth of Catholicism. His strongest passion is to help atheists … Continue reading

How Parents Can Defeat Pornography

Parents have two main missions when it comes to pornography. To borrow a phrase from C.S. Lewis, they must cut down jungles and irrigate deserts. First, cutting down jungles. The main protection against pornography is defense. Parents must tear down gateways to pornography and prevent kids from encountering it in the first place. This includes strategies like installing Internet filters … Continue reading

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