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"Theology of the Body Explained" – Review

From September 1979 through November 1984, Pope John Paul II gave a series of weekly talks devoted to human sexuality, a proper understanding of the body, and marriage. The wisdom he expressed—collectively called the “theology of the body”—not only echoed previous Church teaching on human sexuality, but also formed the backbone for modern, Catholic sexual philosophy. But as remarkable as … Continue reading

Porn or Social Revolution

I’ve talked before about the need for purity in a culture saturated with pornography. I consider pornography to be one of the greatest enemies of human dignity and a major foe of marriage. Besides the immorality of pornography, however, Matthew Warner suggests something I’ve never considered: the social capital sacrificed by pornography users. Noting that Americans spend 11.4 billion hours … Continue reading

The Most Dangerous Drug

According to a new report put out by “The Witherspoon Institue”, roughly 40 million people in the world have spent an estimated $96 billion on this drug worldwide since 1996. This insidious drug is pornography. The report, titled “The Social Costs of Pornography”, was signed by more than 50 scholars representing a wide array of scientists, psychologists, and other professions. … Continue reading

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