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"Ten Universal Principles" – Review

Ten Universal Principles: A Brief Philosophy of the Life IssuesFr. Robert Spitzer, S.J. I first discovered Fr. Robert Spitzer through his recent book, New Proofs for the Existence of God, which goes beyond the classical arguments for God’s existence and moves into modern physics and philosophy. In that book he uses high-level scientific and mathematical discoveries like string theory, universal … Continue reading

The World’s 7-Billionth Baby Is a Gift, Not a Problem

Though it’s almost impossible to predict when the world’s population hit seven billion, demographers at the United Nations have decided that today is the day. Around the world the milestone has provoked some interesting reactions. On the one hand, hospitals are welcoming babies with lavish ceremonies all day today. Children are being showered with special certificates and being given festive cakes, and … Continue reading

The Visitation: Curing Our Social-Justice Tribes

I was recently having dinner with some friends, and the discussion turned toward Catholic social-justice. This got me really excited, because one of the things that drew me into the Catholic Church was her rich body of social teachings. Through papal encyclicals, episcopal teachings, and the examples of the saints, I have become convinced that the Church offers the wisest, … Continue reading

What does America think about abortion?

Thomas Peters–who *shameless plug alert* is a contributor to The Church and New Media–has done some great analysis of the most recent Gallup Poll on abortion. The survey results are interesting. In 2010, the majority of Americans described themselves as “pro-life.” But in 2011, “pro-choice” has once more become the dominant title (why is this?). But one of the graphs … Continue reading

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