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To Be Born and New Media Activism

In our new media age, appeals to logic or rationality often fall flat. The most compelling arguments instead tend to be visceral. Thankfully, a young breed of new media activists have shaped their strategies accordingly. These digital natives continue the struggle against today’s greatest injustices, but instead of lengthy books or formal debates, they move minds and hearts through attractive … Continue reading

The Tide is Turning

Awesome video from the inspirational Students for Life:

Defund Goliath

Planned Parenthood, as mentioned here before, has finally been exposed as the disgusting monster it is. Multiple undercover videos have revealed Planned Parenthood employees supporting underage prostitution, encouraging abortions for abused minors, and even supporting racial eugenics (not surprising when you consider the views of Planned Parenthood’s founder). Our country has finally awoken to the reality that Planned Parenthood uses … Continue reading

Should you lie in order to prevent evil?

This question is generating a lot of controversy in the Christian blogosphere: the admirable Lila Rose and her Live Action team recently posed as underage prostitutes in search of abortions. Despite claiming to be underage and enslaved by a pimp, the girls were encouraged by employees of the demonic Planned Parenthood to silently have abortions. The employees refrained from reporting … Continue reading

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