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Resurrection Series – Part 1 – Two Messiahs

For the next seven weekdays, I’ll be blogging on the most climactic event in all of history: the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Is it true? Did the Bible get it right? Are there other plausible alternatives? Wading through Flannery O’Conner, myth-spinning fishermen, Homer’s Iliad, legendary body-snatchers, a crucified Judas, the Battle of Waterloo, and hallucinating ghost-whisperers, I’ll seek … Continue reading

Empty Tomb and Resurrection Apearances

Over at the Divine Life blog, Eric Sammons recently probed a typical position that many modern Biblical scholars take. Many academics hold the historical Jesus, the one who walked the Earth 2,000 years ago, distinct from the Jesus of Christianity and the Early Church. Strong efforts have been made to divorce these two characters of Jesus. At its core, it’s … Continue reading

Rob Bell on Resurrection

Here is the Rob Bell video on Resurrection I mentioned below. He doesn’t cover all the traditional facets about what the Resurrection means (including the conquer of death and our freedom from Hell), but what he does offer he offers with artistic beauty. Rob once said that “the Church has nothing to say to the world unless it throws better … Continue reading

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