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“Although the Church says ‘No’ to Gay Marriage, It Still Says ‘Yes’ to You.”

A powerful new video from Fr. Pontifex and Spirit Juice Studios. This is precisely what those struggling with same-sex attraction need to hear from the Church:

Fr. Barron on the Hookup Culture

Here are the texts Fr. Barron mentions in his video: I Am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolf (Farrar, 2004) Why Gender Matters by Dr. Leonard Sax (Three Rivers Press, 2006) Boys on the Side by Hanna Rosin (The Atlantic, September 2012)

(Video) Creative, Must-Watch Video on Contraception and NFP

With the HHS mandate still under review, contraception remains a hot topic. Across the country from Facebook walls, to news media, to water-cooler chats, people are wondering how anyone could reject artificial contraception. Isn’t that absurd? Or at least irresponsible? How could someone think contraception is a bad idea for women, marriages, and society? In recent months we’ve seen an … Continue reading

Dr. Peter Kreeft: "The Church is the best friend of homosexuals…"

In light of the President’s recent “evolution” on same-sex marriage, here’s a 2004 interview Dr. Peter Kreeft gave to the Boston College Observer (text posted at What are your thoughts on the current debate about gay marriage? Dr. Peter Kreeft: As a philosopher the thing that strikes me most is the brilliant strategy of the gay marriage movement. Like … Continue reading

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