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[Video] Incredible Story: Friend of Fulton Sheen, Alcoholic, Priest of Mercy

A few months back, I wrote about the death of one of my closest friends, Fr. Ed Thompson. He passed away in February at 92 years old, the oldest active priest in the Diocese of Orlando. He was a spiritual giant with a massive legacy. He served for over 20 years at our parish, St. Mary Magdalen in Altamonte Springs, FL, and was … Continue reading

[VIDEO] The crazy things my family does in the backyard after work…

So I came home from work today and the kids wanted to film a basketball mixtape in the backyard. Lookout Golden State Warriors! Just FYI, that’s a regulation 10-foot hoop… Featuring Isaiah (7), Teresa (5), Augustine (4), Zelie (3 months), and Daddy (ageless.) PS. In case you missed it on Facebook, here was Augustine dancing it out on the Fourth … Continue reading

[Video] William Lane Craig Speaks on Philosophy and Evangelization at Catholic Seminary

Back in April, William Lane Craig delivered the prominent 2016 Meyer Lecture at Mundelein Seminary. Craig is arguably the leading Christian apologist in the world. Focusing especially on atheism, science, and the Resurrection, he regularly debates philosophers and scientists on questions surrounding God. He’s so polished, clear, and brilliant that in a debate with skeptic Sam Harris, Harris described him as “the … Continue reading

[Video] My 3-Year-Old Son Saying Mass on Easter

When our family arrived home after Mass on Easter Sunday, our three-year-old son Augustine announced that he wanted to say Mass himself. (Partly because he’s pious, partly because he just wanted the free graham cracker used to say Mass.) So we got out the kids’ Mass kit—the same one that his older brother, Isaiah, began using when he was three … Continue reading

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