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[Video] William Lane Craig Speaks on Philosophy and Evangelization at Catholic Seminary

Back in April, William Lane Craig delivered the prominent 2016 Meyer Lecture at Mundelein Seminary. Craig is arguably the leading Christian apologist in the world. Focusing especially on atheism, science, and the Resurrection, he regularly debates philosophers and scientists on questions surrounding God. He’s so polished, clear, and brilliant that in a debate with skeptic Sam Harris, Harris described him as “the … Continue reading


Dr. Peter Kreeft said THIS course is better than 99% of all others (!!)

Did you see what Dr. Peter Kreeft said about my new “Read More Books Now” Video Course?? I’m blown away: “I’ve taught college philosophy for over 40 years. This excellent course, if taken to heart, will do more for your education than 99% of the courses in school that you ever took.” And here’s what blogger T.J. Burdick recently tweeted: … Continue reading


My new course: “Read More Books Now” Video Course

Over the last couple weeks, thousands of people have joined in for our free video series on becoming a better reader. I hope you enjoyed the videos! I was blown away by all the comments. Over 800+ people left comments including many who said they’re already reading more! Well, I have some exciting news today… In the last video, I promised to … Continue reading


[Video] How the world’s best readers make time to read…

I hope you’re enjoying the FREE video series on how to double the number of books you read! In Video #1, which I posted a couple days ago, I revealed the two biggest challenges people face when reading: “I don’t have enough time to read” and “I just can’t focus when I read.” Today, in Video #2, I’ll help you conquer … Continue reading

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