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Brandon Vogt is a bestselling author of thirteen books and the founder of ClaritasU, which trains Catholics how to talk about their faith, especially hot-button issues. He works as the Senior Publishing Director for Bishop Robert Barron’s Word on Fire Catholic Ministries, where he has published over 100 books selling 6 million copies.

Brandon is the founder and chairman of Chesterton Academy of Orlando, a classical high school, grounded in the Catholic faith.

He has served as the longtime host of the “Word on Fire Show” podcast with Bishop Barron, as well as “The Burrowshire Podcast” with Fr. Blake Britton.

Brandon’s work has been featured by several media outlets including NPR, FoxNews, CBS, EWTN, Vatican Radio, Our Sunday Visitor, National Review, and Christianity Today.

He has been named one of the Top 30 Catholics Under 30 and “one of the US Catholic leaders of today” by the Catholic Herald. His books have been #1 Amazon bestsellers and have earned First Place awards from both the Catholic Press Association and the Association of Catholic Publishers.

Brandon served as a consultant to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop’s Committee on Evangelization and Catechesis. He has also served on the board of the Society of G.K. Chesterton, and currently serves as President of the Central Florida Chesterton Society and on the board of the Classical Learning Test.

He lives with his wife and eight children on Burrowshire, a small farm outside Orlando, FL, with chickens, goats, pigs, rabbits, ducks, and bees.


Brandon has published 13 books, including:


Brandon graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Florida State University in 2008, with minor degrees in Physics and Mathematics.

He converted to Catholicism his senior year in college, on Easter 2008, just a couple weeks before graduating. Listen to his full conversion story on EWTN’s “The Journey Home.”

Other Projects

In May 2011, after launching a successful blog and writing an award-winning book on new media, Brandon was invited to the Vatican to dialogue with Church leaders about the topic.

In May 2013, he went live with, the central place of dialogue between Catholics and atheists. The site has welcomed two millions visitors and thousands of fruitful conversations.

In February 2015, he launched the “Read More Books Now” Video Course, which thousands of people have used to double their reading and remember what they read.

In January 2019, he released, the go-to resource for people wondering what the earliest Christians believed.

Some of his other projects include the Africa eBook Project, which raised thousands of dollars to send digital libraries to seminarians across Africa, and Support a Catholic Speaker Month, where 11,000 people joined to promote new and upcoming Catholic speakers.

He often gives away free books here on the blog. In fact, Brandon has given away more than 1,000 books over the years.


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Here is what others have said about his work:

Bishop Robert Barron

Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles, CA

“I have worked alongside Brandon Vogt for some time now in the fields of the Lord’s work. He has emerged as an important voice in the New Evangelization. He is a pioneering missionary disciple, whose sense of joy for the Gospel is contagious and reassuring. He brings his energy, enthusiasm, and prodigious intellectual gifts to the Catholic conversation and extends to the culture the invitation to know Christ in his Church.”

Bishop Christopher Coyne

Bishop of Burlington, Vermont

“Brandon Vogt is at the cutting edge of using the Internet and social media as a tool for evangelization. His blog is one that I subscribe to as a useful place to find good information on how to use these new tools in order to spread the Good News.”

Bishop Thomas Tobin, D.D.

Bishop of Providence, RI

“We were delighted to have Brandon Vogt in the Diocese of Providence to speak to our priests about the effective use of modern media. His presentation was extremely interesting and informative to priests of various ages. The fact that he placed his presentation in the context of the New Evangelization was especially helpful. Brandon’s expertise in the area of contemporary communications and especially the productive use of social media is a real blessing for the Church.”

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