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My name is Brandon Vogt, and I’m a bestselling author, blogger, and speaker. I’m also Content Director for Fr. Robert Barron’s Word on Fire Catholic Ministries.

My work has been featured by several media outlets including NPR, FoxNews, CBS, EWTN, Vatican Radio, Our Sunday Visitor, National Review, and Christianity Today, and I’m a regular guest on Catholic radio. I’ve been named one of the Top 30 Catholics Under 30 and one of the Top 24 Catholics to Follow on Twitter.

I’ve published four books including:

I entered the Catholic Church on Easter 2008, while studying at Florida State University.

In May 2011, after launching a successful blog and writing an award-winning book on new media, I was invited to the Vatican to dialogue with Church leaders about the topic.

In May 2013, I went live with StrangeNotions.com, the central place of dialogue between Catholics and atheists.

In February 2015, I launched the “Read More Books Now” Video Course, which thousands of people have used to double their reading and remember what they read.

I’ve also launched the Africa eBook Project, which raised thousands of dollars to send digital libraries to seminarians across Africa, and Support a Catholic Speaker Month, where 11,000 people joined to promote new and upcoming Catholic speakers.

I typically post 3-4 times each week on my blog, and each Friday I giveaway free books. Make sure you don’t miss new posts by subscribing free via feed reader or email.

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Visit my Endorsements page to see what others have said about my work. Here are a few examples:

Brandon Vogt is at the cutting edge of using the Internet and social media as a tool for evangelization. His blog is one that I subscribe to as a useful place to find good information on how to use these new tools in order to spread the Good News.Bishop Christopher Coyne
Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis
We were delighted to have Brandon Vogt in the Diocese of Providence to speak to our priests about the effective use of modern media. His presentation was extremely interesting and informative to priests of various ages. The fact that he placed his presentation in the context of the New Evangelization was especially helpful. Brandon’s expertise in the area of contemporary communications and especially the productive use of social media is a real blessing for the Church.Bishop Thomas Tobin, D.D.
Bishop of the Diocese of Providence
Brandon captivated our priests and deacons with his wit, humor, and knowledge. His great love of the Church and his desire to help others share in the New Evangelization is a wonderful gift. We in the Diocese of Sioux City greatly benefited from his expertise. I highly recommend him.Bishop R. Walker Nickless
Bishop of the Diocese of Sioux City, IA
Brandon Vogt has emerged as an important voice in the New Evangelization. He brings his energy, enthusiasm, and prodigious intellectual gifts to the Catholic conversation and demonstrates how social media can be used effectively to advance the mission of the Gospel and extend to the culture the invitation to know Christ in his Church.Fr. Robert Barron, S.T.D.
Creator of the “Catholicism” series, founder of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries


My appearance on EWTN’s “Life on the Rock”

My conversion story on EWTN’s “The Journey Home”


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  • Miss Starr

    I was reared in the Roman Catholic faith. I have received 5 of the 7 sacraments. At age 32 I came to know Jesus personally; no longer a person I heard about but someone I encountered intimately. His precious blood of sacrifice bought me to the Father and He baptized me with the Holy Spirit…3 in one to come and live within me…’a temple not made by hands’. I no longer have a religion but a relationship with God through my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and I live through the strength of the Holy Spirit. Because of His great love & Grace for me I am saved from my sin through faith, and serve Him every day of my life. Through His living Word, the Bible I have learned these past 34 years all about His creation and what living for Him means in the practical. His Truth has set me free to worship in any Christian church that believes His Word and lives by His precepts. I also came to see that many of the things I learned as a Catholic are man made and not Biblical. It saddens me to hear your testimony. You spent more time speaking about books you have read about the church than personal encounters you’ve had with the Living God. Communing with the Lord comes through prayer, fasting and reading of His Word….not by traditions of men. Jesus says in Mark 7:8 – “Neglecting the commandment of God, you hold to the tradition of men”. And that is precisely what the Roman Catholic church does…holds to the traditions of men and neglects what God teaches us of His way in the Bible. You need not look to any ‘church’ to direct you to social issues; you ARE the church…Jesus will guide you to a ministry where you can do these things…you don’t need the Methodists or the Catholics to do that for you. I pray that both you and your wife come to a place where you will surrender your lives to Jesus, not to a church or a tradition, but to Jesus, repent of your sins and ask Him to take control of your lives. He alone is” the Way, the Truth and the Life”….and “there is one Mediator between God and man, the Man, Christ Jesus”. He alone will guide you in the way that you should go. Praise Him!