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Africa eBook Project – Join the Movement!

In Cameroon, Africa, books are rare—especially the good ones. My friend Linus is studying at one of the seminaries, and he says the situation is even worse there. The seminaries are bursting at the seams with young men, yet most lack solid Catholic materials. The libraries are meager and while most of the seminaries have computers, internet is spotty at best.

But what if we could change that? What if we could provide good Catholic books for every seminarian?

I think we can. Through the power of the Catholic blogosphere, I’m convinced we can crowd-source a solution.

That’s why I’ve created the Africa eBook Project. The plan is to send 2,000 CDs to all the seminarians in Cameroon, each loaded with Catholic eBooks including:

Each CD will cost $2 to produce and ship to Africa. We could have partnered with a big charity to raise the funds, but we’re taking a different approach.

Starting today, we’re running a month-long campaign at (think Kickstarter, but open to religious groups.) The purpose is to give everyone a chance to play a part in this. For just $2, anyone can donate one CD and join the movement.

Several wonderful groups have combined to make this project happen including Our Sunday Visitor, New Advent, Aquinas and More, Word on Fire, Lighthouse Catholic Media, and the Libreria Editrice Vatican. They’ve also contributed some great giveaway perks for donors (to get the perks, make sure you click “Claim This Perk” on the campaign page sidebar):

Overall, this Africa eBook project is an experiment in new media solidarity. Its goal is to unite the energy of the online Catholic world and channel it into a global work of mercy. We want to forge connections, spread books, and help form priests halfway across the world.

But to do that, we need your help. First, of course, we need donations. So head over to and donate a couple dollars. If you can donate more, you’ll receive one of the great perks listed above.

Second, I’m asking you to promote the project on your own website, blog, or social media profile. The campaign will run through June 30, so anytime this month would be great. Even if you do nothing more than post the YouTube trailer that would be a huge help.

So consider this your invitation. For just $2, you’re a part of this. For just $2, you can say, “look at what we were able to accomplish.” For just $2, you can participate in this new media solidarity, this digital work of mercy.

Campaign website:
Facebook page:
YouTube Trailer:

  • Tiffany

    This is great, Brandon! Glad to participate.


  • Guest

    How about trying to get it to men in diaconal formation here in the US who are being ill formed. Forget that. Their papers would bleed red if they sited such sources.

  • I’ll put something on my blog about it and maybe send a few donors your way.

  • Marie

    Will the seminarians have a way to read the CDs once they get them?

    • You bet! When they pop them in any computer, they’ll be able to read the books right away.

      • Tom

        I think the question is as to how readily available are computers.

        • They’re in every seminary as well as several churches and community buildings.

  • Joseph

    Call me uneducated. But where can I get a cd like that for myself?

    • By asking that question you’ve revealed yourself as *educated* 🙂

      Unfortunately, though, due to copyright restrictions, the CDs are only available for the seminarians in Africa. But Kevin Knight at sells his own CD for $30 that has much of the content.

  • New Catholic

    If those who donate DON’T ask for the perks, will more CDs be sent to Africa?

  • Philippe Beauchamp

    On the complete catholicism set… can that be swapped for the bluray version… ( I already have the DVD version… 🙂

    • I wish, but unfortunately Word on Fire is just donating the DVD versions.

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