Fr. Barron’s 5 Favorite Books

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I recently helped Fr. Robert Barron launch a new digital campaign called #AskFrBarron. Each month, he solicits questions through his blog and Facebook page and then selects a few to answer using video. He then shares one video answer per week on his Facebook page.

In this week’s answer, he covers one of our favorite topics here: books. One inquirer asked what his five favorite books were, and Father responded with his favorites in five different genres:

(If you can’t see the video above, click here.)
His favorites include:

In addition to those, you might enjoy these other book lists:

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  • kneeling catholic

    Hello Brandon!
    It’s kind of funny that Father’s number 2 is ‘The Divine Comedy’.
    I say, ‘funny’, because Father has taken a little heat for saying, with Balthasar, that hell is most likely empty.

  • "There is only one tragedy in the end, not to have been a saint." - Léon Bloy