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The Greatest Evil in the World?

Prominent new atheist Richard Dawkins says, “The Catholic Church is one of the greatest forces of evil in the world.”

Is that true? Decide for yourself:

(HT: Julie Robison)

  • bruce

    Catholicism is evil personified. You only need to follow it`s history to know there is nothing godly about it. And Jesus certainly did not make this entity his church. This church was born of Satin.

  • Ed

    Dawkins is a very frightened man. He fears the church, so he attacks it.

  • opinionated1945

    “He who denies the existence of God has a reason for wishing that God did not exist.”

    – St. Augustine of Hippo

  • JoeBlack

    Nah the greatest evil are corrupted politicians

  • You probably could have posted the Catholic’s Come Home video too:

  • Interesting video on some of the ‘Shadow’ (parts of ) Africa.

  • FatherJasonWorthley

    A video like that really encourages us to keep on spreading the love of God to His people. It’s definitely a good response to Dawkins statement!

  • justathought

    Who’s Dawkins? 🙂 Oh yeah! I remember . . . no, no I don’t!

  • Mrtsc

    Mr Dawkins what happened to you to make you so angry. please be assured of our prayers.

  • The next Pope will come from Africa God willing

  • MikeP

    We need the Dawkins of the world! We really do! Don’t run away from these people. How can we merit mercy if we don’t show mercy to someone like Dawkins.

  • Bill

    Consider that Dawkins, knowingly or not, is serving The Father of Lies, and you have your answer.

  • Is Dawkins telling is that he now accepts the concept of ‘evil’? Surely as a materialist he would have to accept amorality. He’s so confusing.

    • Ismael

      Dawkins speaks of evil only when he’s attacking religion. Otherwise he claims, as a good reductive materialist, that there is no good and evil, that morality id purely relative and there is no purpuse in anything.

      Hence he’s changing his stance from one foot to another at his own convenience without any coherence.

  • ForChristAlone

    What’s amazing are the lies that are intentionally told about the Church. But then again we struggle with the Father of Lies.

  • almostnotcatholic

    This is great news! Jesus said:

    “”Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me.” -Matthew 5:11

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