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It’s Shameless Monday!

Shameless Monday is back! The last few were great. Dozens of people shared their projects, websites, and favorite links.
But whether you participated last time, today’s a new day. Here’s your chance to shamelessly plug whatever you want and share it with the world.
What’s your blog?
What’s your project?
What’s your book?
What’s your ministry?
What’s your product?

What’s the link you want people to see more than anything else?

Here’s the idea according to Jon Acuff, who inspired this with his “Shameless Saturdays”:

“Post a link to whatever it is you’re all about with no shame or apologizing or feeling like you’re making a comment on a post you really don’t care about but are instead secretly trying to promote your own blog.
(I’ve done that myself many times. The best way to do it is to say, “That’s an interesting post. It reminds me of something I wrote recently on my blog ……”)”

So here’s your chance to let us know about your blog or your cause or your band or your whatever. Leave a comment below and be sure to provide a link to whatever you’re sharing.

  • James Mathis

    Hi Brandon! Happy July 4th

    I know I’m a couple of days late, but I’d like to promote my new blog, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Holiness.” :

  • Christy from fountains of home

    I’m a day late I know, but here’s my little blog of random, starting with my summer book guide:

  • Ivan Lingvay

    I have a blog. Its football for anyone who does fantasy football. Address is would be grateful if anyone checked it out!

  • Sourire13 Check Million Meals Orlando


    THANKS ! Shamelessly Plugging my Catholic Music CD, Way To Emmaus.Traditional American instruments with solidly Catholic lyrics. Not “worship and Praise” but a CD that depicts the beauty and truth of the Catholic faith from the eyes of a new convert, with a little apologetics thrown in. Please give a listen. All proceeds benefit our medical mission to Haiti.

  • Rick Rice

    I’m a revert to Catholicism, having left 40 years ago that which I knew really nothing about and learning now that missing out on those 40 years was quite a tragedy.

    I’ll plug my blog over at where I’m chronicling my return along with politics and other topical subjects and wondering how my return will impact the direction of the blog.

    Thanks for allowing the plug.

  • Lori Miller

    I will happily add to the shameless commentary;) When I’m not chasing kids or seeking to inspire teens or nervously standing in line at the confessional, I write here: I also write for an awesome website called which everyone should read- not just the moms. Thanks!!

  • Matthew Warner

    Just wanted to say that I think this is an interesting post and it reminded me of a project I’ve been working on for a little while now called

    It’s a simple way to grow and engage your community by using email, texting and more. And it’s made specifically for Catholic parishes, dioceses, schools and organizations. It works like nothing else out there. And has continually evolved over time into something really neat.

    Thanks for all the great promotion here of so many great projects and ministries.

    • Brandon Vogt

      Great comment! It reminded me of a post that reminded you of your project that reminded me of a post which I recently wrote on my blog:

      • Matthew Warner

        And that reminds me…of another post on your blog that reminded me of another project.

        Something about a one-day guide to something-ruther…

        • Brandon Vogt


  • Ellyn von Huben

    OK – I guess I can work up a little shameless!!

    I blog: –

    and I contribute to the inimitable Fr. Barron’s Word on Fire blog: –

    And I speak:

    I’ve written a book. Hope to see it published someday!

    • Brandon Vogt

      You speak–and speak well! I didn’t know you had a book in the works. You willing to share what it’s about?

      • Ellyn von Huben

        My book? It’s about 60,000 words on my conversion story, plus life as a Catholic homeschooling mom/church secretary. Plus a few housekeeping hints. (not that I necessarily follow them)

      • Ellyn von Huben

        Oh, and thank you for the compliment. See how shameless I can be?
        I flew past your lovely compliment and went straight to the book. D’oh!

  • Sean Ater

    Great idea & thank you! Check out our “Being Catholic” blog for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

  • EB Admin

    Check out:

    It’s an extensive library of homilies and lectures given mostly by priests from the Fraternal Society of St. Peter. I’ve been listening to it for over a year now and have yet to exhaust all the content!

    Here’s my favorite so far entitled “We Are All Called to Sanctity”:

    In Christ,

    P.S. I write a blog devoted to the Blessed Mother called ‘The Ever Blessed’:

    No shame!

  • Fr. Michael J. Denk


    I look forward to checking out everyone’s blog.

    Here’s my homilies and reflections

    If you saw the Avengers Movie: you can also check out my most recent article:

    Brandon, keep up the good work – Loved the book “New Media” and recommend it to all my priest friends… Fr. Steve Flynn above started his blog and podcasts after reading it!

    • Brandon Vogt

      Thanks for the kind words, Fr. Michael! The digital continent *needs* more blogging priests, so thanks for your own work!

  • Jared Zimmerer

    My new book is called ‘The Ten Commandments of Lifting Weights’ Helping people see the relationship between fitness and a growing love of Christ.

    I also run a weight lifting ministry down here in Texas:

    God bless
    Jared Zimmerer

  • Meg Hunter-Kilmer

    I just started a full time speaking and blogging ministry. My blog’s at where I blog on truth (Catholic Apologetics), goodness (Christian living) and beauty (prayer and discernment). Stop by sometime!

    • Brandon Vogt

      Just checked out the site and watched your sample speaking video on the Canon. It was fantastic! You have a gift with speaking–you’re very dynamic and engaging. Hope the Lord blesses you with many more opportunities!

  • FrSteveFlynn

    FrSteve Flynn Someone in some book I read recently told me I should podcast my homilies. Boom – The website still needs a ton of work, but the podcasts are flowing almost daily. Subscribe through iTunes by searching FrSteveFlynn. He also said I should tell everybody. So this really isn’t too shameless.

  • Doug B

    I blog on stuff that makes evangelicals think I am Catholic and Catholics wonder why I’m not. It’s fun. Plus I have a book and am an all-around righteous dude.



  • Lisa Schmidt

    We have an exclusive video over at that tells the story of the alleged miracle that is being submitted for Venerable Sheen’s beatification.

    It came about because I attended the Behold Conference in Peoria where I met Bonnie Engstrom and heard about her family’s amazing story. A few weeks later, a friend of ours was planning to rent out a local theater so that he and 100 of his closest friends could screen the documentary “Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen: Servant of All.”

    I thought hey, these two need to get together! They coordinated and were able to record/edit the video in time for the screening (underscores the beauty of the Universal Church, huh?!).

    Here’s the post:

    Thanks for the opp, Brandon! Great idea.

    • Brandon Vogt

      How cool is that?! This video is a fourth-class relic!

  • Sherry Weddell

    The first 500 copies of my new book on parish-based evangelization, “Forming Intentional Disciples” are due to arrive in our office today! We start shipping tomorrow! If you haven’t already gotten your order in, this is your moment. (and scroll down a little)

  • [email protected] Wife, Blessed Life

    I host a blog series entitled “Broken: rising above damaging relationships”:

    And I don’t really feel shameless promoting it because all the posts are written by amazingly courageous women sharing their experiences in abusive relationships. I can’t really even take credit for it if I wanted!

  • Robert

    I work for the Care Not Killing Alliance. We have a conference in Edinburgh this September on opposing euthanasia – do please come!

  • Luke Arredondo

    Awesome idea,Brandon!

    I’m almost wrapping up a big project on my blog. I decided to post each and every day of the Fortnight for Freedom. So far I’m up to day 12 without dropping a day. You can see the posts at

  • The Ranter
  • Rhonda

    I’m shameless. Here’s my blog:

  • Norm

    What’s your project?

    What’s it about? Connecting Catholics who communicate. We love to do this though socialising their Catholic blog’s RSS feed… and through Twitter.

    How do I find out more? Watch “Life on the Rock” on EWTN next week (12 July) where we discuss the idea in depth. Or log in right now :)

  • Kristan Doerfler

    Well, if I plug my blog, I will need to write more!!!

    • FrDarryl

      Aye, there’s the rub! :-)
      The same reason also makes me somewhat apprehensive to do this, but here goes: I’ve recently added a video section to my site.

      (I do have more video ideas; just need time to do those!)

  • jdzondo

    Thanks Brandon. I’m taking full advantage of Shameless Monday to promote my newly re-branded site. Head on over to to see what it’s all about.

  • Bywayofbeauty

    Hi Brandon! The BWOB brothers would like to shamelessly plug our website “By Way of Beauty” – a blog which explores the crossroads between art and truth-in our culture.


  • Velle Mere Lyons

    Thanks, Brandon!

    Custom Crocheted Catholic Chapel Veils (and more!)

  • sonofbosco

    Thanks Brandon!

    I’d like to shamelessly plug Peter and Paul Ministries! Here’s a list of website features we can help put together for one’s parish with their online ministry!

    • Brandon Vogt

      Love it! Do you guys only do work in Chicago or for anybody, anywhere?

      • sonofbosco

        We can do work for anybody, anywhere. :)

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