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As I clench my spear…

(This is a meditation I wrote and posted before, but I think it is appropriate for this most holy of days.) As I clench my spear, I look at him. I don’t know what to think. It is quiet now. All is still. An hour ago, the dust was stirred up, hovering above the feet of many people. They were … Continue reading

Spiritual Reading and Online Consumption

I’ve noted before that I read a lot of articles from the internet each day. There is so much good writing, so many fascinating stories, a vast amount of social commentary, and tons of rich resources posted around the internet each day. As a Catholic, I’ve found a wealth of theology, Church teachings, homilies, and other fresh media that all … Continue reading

How to feed the world?

Here is a cool, creative video dealing with the groan-of-a-question, “How to feed the world?”: (From Denis van Waerebeke via Mark Shea)

Why Theology Matters

Joshua Harris has recently written book entitled “Dug Down Deep”, which explains how he discovered the value in theology. He rightly recognizes that we all are theologians; we all have a theology. We all believe something about God–even the belief that God doesn’t exist is itself a “theology”. The question, of course, is where do we get our theology from? … Continue reading

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