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Spiritual Dry Spells

Jen, who writes over at, wrote some absolutely fantastic stuff the other day on spiritual dry spells. Sometimes called ‘dark nights of the soul’, alluding to the writings of St. John of the Cross, these times of spiritual apathy or silence afflict any and all. Check it out:9 Tips for Spiritual Dry Spells

The Celebration

A wedding is one of the most sacred events on this planet. There are few things that better image the love that God has for us. Repeatedly in the Bible the image of a wedding is used to describe God’s relationship with us. The Bible begins with a wedding–between Adam and Eve–and closes with the marriage of God to his … Continue reading

Books, Books, and More Books

In addition to the other storylines I am currently living, I have been reading like crazy. I’ve finished the following books recently, but probably won’t write substantial reviews of them: “Triumph: The Power and the Glory of the Catholic Church” – Harry Crocker III (This is an incredibly exhaustive account of the Church from its inception through the modern day. … Continue reading

Houses, Babies, Books, and Justice

So, I haven’t posted anything substantial in a couple of weeks, but I do have some excuses that will hopefully satisfy. My family is currently in the midst of looking for our first house, which has carried with it some turbulent emotions; after making countless offers on a house, we finally agreed on a price, only to be forced to … Continue reading

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