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Pick a Saint for 2013


One of the best decisions I made at the start of each of the last two years was to align myself with a particular saint. In 2011, I chose two: St. Therese of Lisieux and Bl. Pier-Giorgio Frassati. Both died when they were just 24, the same age I was at the time. And both had a very down-to-earth spirituality. Throughout the year I read several books on them, regularly asked for their intercession, and developed deep spiritual friendships that I still call upon today.

For 2012, I chose my favorite writer, C.S. Lewis. He’s not canonized, since he never formally became Catholic, but he’s a saint in my book. He lived with remarkable charity and devotion, and he served the Lord with all his mind and will. A year later, I’m still reading through his letters, diary entries, and corpus, so I plan to stick with him again this year.

If you’d like to choose your own saint for 2013, Jen Fulwiler developed the Saint’s Name Generator just for you. Now’s the perfect time to run the program and find your own companion. Here are the details:

I used some of my holiday free time to create a little program that will choose a saint’s name at random. (Yes, writing code is how I relax. Yes, I am a hopeless nerd.)
Why would you want to choose a saint’s name at random?
I got the idea from the “saint for the year” devotion, where people have a patron saint for the new year chosen for them at random (usually by a priest or religious, who prays over each choice). I’ve had saints chosen for me this way before, and it’s always been a great experience. In 2007 St. Maximilian Kolbe was picked as my patron for the year. I wasn’t familiar with him before that, but his life ended up inspiring me tremendously all throughout the year, and I still ask him for prayers for all sorts of matters. He’s become one of my favorite saints.
I thought this might be a fun little tool for anyone else looking to select a saint at random to be a patron for a particular cause or time period. If nothing else, you might get to “meet” some new holy men and women. I had so much fun working on this, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Start the Saint’s Name Generator.

PS. I’d love to hear which saint you get, so be sure to leave a comment and let me know!

  • Misspittypat

    St. Martin de Tours!
    Thanks so much, this is terrific!

  • Judithboggs2

    St. Patrick …… appropriate for several reason! Thank you, Holy Spirit!

  • Vicky

    I got St Vincent Ferrer patron saint of construction and pavement workers. I am an engineer that does highway design how appropiate.

  • Betty

    St. Elizabeth of Portugal. Interesting choice since my name is Elizabeth. I know about Elizabeth of Hungary but not of Portugal so I’m eager to learn and adopt her.

  • Fredrik

    Saint Andrew Avellino, never heard of him. Let’s see why I got him

  • Chris

    Saint John Ogilvie. I’ve never heard of him, but he is significant. I have developed an interested of martyrs of the U.K.

    • Adrian G

      Hi I’m from Glasgow, Scotland, and every Catholic here knows him. Glasgow Cross where he died can still be seen today. As well as reading about him on Wikipedia you should have a read about the remarkable cure of John Fagan in 1976 that lead to his canonisation. He was right on the brink of death.

  • Ellen

    I got John the Apostle and smiled a huge smile. I think the first chapter of his Gospel is the most sublime passage in the Bible.

  • Amy

    I got two Scottish saints out of the Saint’s Name Generator: Aelred of Rievaulx and John Ogilvie.

  • Stephanie

    Saint Dymphna

  • LizEst

    The generator gave me St. Maximilian Kolbe.

  • Padrejfx

    I took this idea one step further and decided to choose a saint for each month. Here is my list:

    Jan.-St. Helena (cool, this was the first parish I was assigned too. I guess she took a liking to me. HA!)
    Feb.: St. Bernadette (I love Lourdes!!!)
    March: St. Agnes of Rome (Roman martyr and named in the Roman Canon, Euch. Prayer I)
    April: St. Acca (???…but, cool anyway. I’m sure there’s a reason)
    May: St. Agnes of Rome, again!
    June: Bl. Anne of St. Bartholomew (now there’s a mouthful…Carmelite and secretary for St. Teresa of Avila. And I’m going to Avila next month!)
    July: St. Claude de la Colombiere (another mouthful…Frenchman, “dry” martyr)
    Aug.: St. Philip Neri (my paternal and maternal family practically bulit this parish in the Bronx, NY. And I was baptzieed there as well. Really amazing!!!)
    Sept.: St. Marguerite Bouregeous (beats me, but there’s a reason, I’m sure)
    Oct: St. Leo the Great!!! (Now that’s awesome for my birthday month. Very cool.)
    Nov.: St. Andre Kim Taegon (Korean Martyr. Very cool indeed)
    Dec.: St. Joan of Arc. (GREAT!!!!)

    Most of them are French. Oui, Oui!

    My priestly blessings to all of you in the New Year. Saints of God, Pray for us!

    Fr. John Palatucci

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