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Shameless Monday! (July 2014)

Shameless Monday

Shameless Monday is back! Every couple months my blog becomes your platform. It’s your chance to shamelessly promote your project, website, or favorite link.

I was inspired by Jon Acuff‘s “Shameless Saturdays”. Here’s the idea:

“Post a link to whatever it is you’re all about with no shame or apologizing or feeling like you’re making a comment on a post you really don’t care about but are instead secretly trying to promote your own blog.
(I’ve done that myself many times. The best way to do it is to say, “That’s an interesting post. It reminds me of something I wrote recently on my blog ……”)”

Whatever it is, we want to hear about it:
What’s your blog?
What’s your cause?
What’s your project?
What’s your book?
What’s your ministry?
What’s your product?

What’s the link you want people to see more than anything else?

Tell us in the comment box below and be sure to provide a link to whatever you’re sharing.

  • Mr_Johnny_D

    Making Music Praying Twice is committed to providing music that is spiritually edifying to families, but also promotes music competence and supports brain growth in growing children. Rooted in research-based early childhood music education, this album is more than a CD, but a curriculum of music, carefully balanced with various tonalities and meters, featuring musicians from around the world and a “family” of vocalists to encourage your family to sing along!

    “By incorporating songs of play, songs of the world, and songs of faith, into one comprehensive CD, we teach children that faith is a natural part of everyday life. So often, our children have separate materials for education, entertainment, and faith. This sends a message that these parts of our life must live in different places. Music easily allows all of these important areas to live together in our lives and in our hearts.” – Kate Daneluk, Co-founder of Making Music Praying Twice.

    Learn more and listen to samples at

  • Sister in Christ’s Love

    Would love to get free giveaway books, I have deep desire to know who God is and am not ashamed to show myself to the world that I am in love with God because Jesus has died for our sins and paid the price for eternal life in Heaven, God the Father gave up HIS ONLY SON for Our Salvaltion to be saved! Holy Spirit in my soul has been set on fire with burning desire to be with God! Amen!!

  • Rachel

    Taking a risk here and posting my personal blog where I discuss all fun things like the importance of the Catholic faith, my friends and my family (and I think I’m funny). Check it out!

  • David Peters

    I love to write! I write poetry, movie reviews, essays and more! Please check it out at
    My latest post is entitled “Beyond the Red River” Thanks – see you there!

  • Richard Soseman
  • We are in pre-production for The Louisiana Family Rosary, which will feature 28 of our state’s most beautiful and historic churches, shrines and cathedrals. Please keep us in prayer! Thanks, Connie Anderson – Writer/Producer

  • Kevin Noles

    I just wanted to highlight Saint Paul Street Evangelization. We go out on the street evangelize, hand out rosaries, hand out catechetical tracts and pray. Find and join a chapter in your area! My local chapter. Our funding link.

  • Steven J Hanley PhD

    I am a Clinical Psychologist and I’ve created an informative short quiz on some of the lesser known specific phobias. Check it out and see how you do:

  • I blog about our life as a family of Catholic foreign missionaries, our experiences, reflections, and social justice issues at

  • John Wasko Jr

    My wife is going on a mission trip to Maliarette, Haiti on August 1. We are in the process of fundraising for her to complete her journey. Please check out her site at Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you very much!

  • Faye

    For the past two years, St. Joseph Educational Center has offered the multi-author blog, “Bite-Sized Faith for Catholic Parents,” with great words of wisdom on Catholic parenting written by faith formation leaders who are parents and grandparents, as well as some posts by pastors in our region. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

  • Elaine

    I’m just gonna put my friend’s blog out there. He is a seminarian, going to be ordained next spring, and is new to the blogosphere. An all-around excellent dude:

  • Bethanie Ryan

    I run social media for John Paul II Center for Women. Our Facebook is: and our Twitter is: and I blog for them here: We talk about NFP, Theology of the Body, and the dignity of the human person (especially women). In local parishes, we promote programs to help people appreciate their sexuality and to create communities among women. Seriously, I get Google alerts anytime anyone writes about women or NFP, so if you want the latest stuff from a Catholic perspective, follow us.

  • I blog over at about my life and all the Catholic, pro-life things that pop into my head – keepin’ it real for a modern audience. Would welcome new followers!

  • Our family business is designing and handcrafting beautiful wooden cremation urns for your beloved family member or cherished pet. Yes, cremation is allowed in the Catholic Church. The ashes should not be separated or scattered, but buried in the ground or placed in a niche in a cemetery. Go to to shop. We also have a blog which offers ideas for memorialization and celebrating life with family and pets! This business has become a huge blessing and ministry for our family, giving comfort to those who mourn.
    We also build an Ossuary and Processional Bier, for use in churches for funerals where the urn is present.

  • I have no shame in promoting this awesome new company founded in faith! It’s called Healthy Home Company and they only sell 100% TOXIC FREE products for personal and home care. It’s a membership buying club like CostCo, but membership is cheaper (or free with $100 purchase) and everything is TOXIC FREE! Also, they’ll pay you (and me!) 10% of everything a referral ever buys for life!! If you want to join, just follow the link, browse the site and choose your items and then click on “JOIN->Build your own bundle”. Once you reach $100, your membership is free! If you don’t want to spend $100, you must first purchase just membership and then place an order. Shipping is free for all orders $50+. My favorite MUST-HAVES are the alcohol-free sanitizer, CLEAN, an awesome, concentrated, all-purpose cleaner (2-pack)+spray bottles, TOUGH STUFF, an awesome bleach alternative, bug repellant, deodorant, toothpaste – all safe for the ENTIRE family!! And effective!! My phone number is on the webpage. Please call with any questions! 🙂 Thanks, Brandon! 🙂

  • The_Starbuck
  • Julie Lutz

    I create five decade rosary bracelets to help support others in their Catholic Faith while reflecting the beauty of the gift of Our Blessed Mother and the treasure of the rosary. These lovely sacramentals can be seen or custom made through my online site at:

    • Guest

      Those are beautiful! I’d love to write a review and help you to publicize!

    • Bethanie Ryan

      Those are beautiful! I’d love to write a review and help you publicize!

  • Gracies Mom

    Planning a funeral Mass and burial for Baby Mya with the amazing people of Rest in His Arms

    Baby Mya Gianna Edwards
    Age: 7 months when starved to death
    Funeral: Thursday, July 31, 2014
    St. Anne Church, Barrington, IL
    Burial to follow at Evergreen Cemetery in Barrington

    It’s not easy to bury a child. It’s so much more tragic when we know
    the cause of her death was preventable. Still, she needs us. The world
    need us to give witness to the dignity of this precious little life.
    Please come to her funeral and show the world that Mya will not soon be

  • Audrey Nicole Foo

    Just wanted to highlight Caritas Internationalis’ appeal for emergency funds for Gaza:

  • Robert Barbry II
  • I have no shame as a fan of Jon and all that he does I started a blog the end of 2013 about faith based leadership.. this is leading me to bigger things currently my blog is soon I will also be contributing to the blog on

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