Welcome to my Speaking page! I've spoken across the country at all sorts of events, from mega conferences to small groups, parish retreats to diocesan celebrations, and I'd love to speak at yours.

I typically speak on topics relating to the New Evangelization, the new media, Catholic social teaching, and Catholic spirituality. However, I'll customize my presentation to meet your group's needs. My goal is to create your ideal outcome and knock the ball out of the park.

Check out what others have said over at my Endorsements page, then email me at brandon@brandonvogt.com and we'll get the ball rolling.
Brandon Vogt

Upcoming Speaking Events

Here are some of my upcoming talks. Click the plus sign next to each event for more details including location and registration info.

(As with any event, the dates are subject to change. So be sure to check the event web site before making plans to attend.)

  Date Topic / Event Details City / More Info
+ May 7, 2014
Talk: '10 Keys to Evangelizing Online' Lafayette, LA
  Event: Digital Church Conference Public Event
Sponsor: Diocese of Lafayette  
Venue: TBD

Lafayette, LA
+ Jun 19, 2014
Keynote: '10 Keys to Evangelizing Online' Kansas City, KS
  Event: Digital Church Conference Private Event
Sponsor: Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas  
Venue: TBD

Kansas City, KS
+ Sep 23, 2014
Keynote: 'The New Evangelist: How to Share Your Faith With Clarity, Calm, and Joy' Houma, LA
  Event: Legatus Chapter Meeting Private Event
Sponsor: Houma Legatus Chapter  
Venue: TBD

Houma, LA
+ Sep 24, 2014
Keynote: 'The New Evangelist: How to Share Your Faith With Clarity, Calm, and Joy' Mobile, AL
  Event: Legatus Chapter Meeting Private Event
Sponsor: Mobile Legatus Chapter  
Venue: TBD

Mobile, AL
+ Sep 25, 2014
Keynote: 'The New Evangelist: How to Share Your Faith With Clarity, Calm, and Joy' Baton Rouge, LA
  Event: Legatus Chapter Meeting Private Event
Sponsor: Baton Rouge Legatus Chapter  
Venue: Baton Rouge City Club
355 North Boulevard
Baton Rouge, LA 70801
+ Sep 27, 2014
Talk: 'New Media, New Evangelization: Spreading Catholicism in a Digital Age' Orlando, FL
  Event: Catholic Medical Association Private Event
Sponsor: Catholic Medical Association Annual Conference  
Venue: Loews Portofino Bay Hotel
5601 Universal Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32819


Previous Speaking Events

Find a list of my most recent events here.

My Most Requested Talks

From Protestant to Catholic: My Conversion StoryFrom Protestant to Catholic: My Conversion Story

After 22 years as a Protestant, I entered the Catholic Church in 2008. My circuitous journey to Catholicism weaved through doubts and questions, Scripture and books, prayer and friendships, before eventually settling me in the arms of the Church.

(Catch my conversion story on EWTN's "Journey Home".)

The New Evangelist: How to Share Your Faith With Clarity, Calm, and Joy

A practical introduction to the New Evangelization, this talk provides background on the movement and gives several tips on living it out. Whether at the dinner-table, the water-cooler, or the Facebook comment box, these real-world, practical strategies will help you become an effective evangelist.

(Click here to listen to this talk)

New Media, New Evangelization: Spreading Catholicism in a Digital Age

The New Evangelization was sparked by Pope Paul VI, fueled by John Paul II, and flamed by Benedict XVI. And it calls all Catholics to spread the Gospel with "new ardor, new methods, and new expressions." This talk explores the role of new media within it and reveals ten keys to evangelizing the world of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and blogs.

The 7 Deadly Sins of New Media...and How to Conquer Them

As you begin using tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs, what dangers should you avoid? What are the most common mistakes made through new media? In this talks I reveal the seven worst digital sins, from "Blasting the Bullhorn" to "Building a Field of Dreams." And then I show you how to transcend them.

Telling the Catholic Story: What Mormons, Protestants, and Atheists Can Teach Us about Evangelizing Online

The Catholic story needs to be told with fresh vigor, new beauty, and modern technology. Several other religious groups like the Mormons, Protestants, and atheists are doing that well. This talk reveals their secrets and shows how we can spread the Catholic story across the digital continent.

Your Family and Cyberspace: Raising Saints in the Digital Age

Using the U.S. Catholic Bishops’ document "Your Family and Cyberspace" as a guide, I walk parents through the benefits and drawbacks of modern new media. What dangers lurk behind Facebook, Twitter, and text messaging? And how can parents use these tools for good? The goal of parenthood is to raise saints, and this talk shows how to do that today in today's digital world.

To Change the World: The 7 Themes of Catholic Social Teaching

Learn what the Bible says about social justice, see how the saints live it out, and discover the Church's brilliant teachings on compassion and justice. This talk walks through the 7 major themes of Catholic social teaching as defined by the U.S. Bishops in 2003 and provides practical ways we can embrace them ourselves.

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