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Welcome to my Speaking page! I’ve spoken across the country at all sorts of events, from mega conferences to small groups, parish retreats to diocesan celebrations, and I’d love to speak at yours.

I typically speak on topics relating to the New Evangelization, the new media, Catholic social teaching, and Catholic spirituality. However, I’ll customize my presentation to meet your group’s needs. My goal is to create your ideal outcome and knock the ball out of the park.

Check out what others have said over at my Endorsements page, then email me at and we’ll get the ball rolling.
Brandon Vogt

Upcoming Speaking Events

Here are some of my upcoming talks. Click the plus sign next to each event for more details including location and registration info.

(As with any event, the dates are subject to change. So be sure to check the event web site before making plans to attend.)

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Previous Speaking Events

Find a list of my most recent events here.

My Most Requested Talks

The New Evangelist: How to Share Your Faith With Clarity, Calm, and Joy

This talk offers a practical introduction to the New Evangelization, with background on the movement and several tips on living it out. Whether at the dinner-table, the water-cooler, or the Facebook comment box, these real-world, practical strategies will help you become an effective evangelist.

New Media, New Evangelization: Spreading Catholicism in a Digital Age

Have you ever wondered how to evangelize online? How can you share your faith through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and blogs? Using personal stories and examples, and leaning on my many years of experience, I teach you the most effective ways to spread the faith online.

Evidence for God: How to Defend Your Faith to Atheist Friends and FamilyEvidence for God: How to Explain Your Faith to Atheist Friends and Family

In 2013, I launched, a place of dialogue between Catholics and atheists, and over 500,000 people have visited. We’ve discussed questions like: Is there a God? Does science disprove faith? Why is there evil in the world? In this talk, I show how to respond to the most common atheist arguments.

The Saints and Social Justice: A Guide to Changing the World

Catholic social teaching has explosive power for changing the world, and it’s the saints who light the fuse. Using colorful stories from heroes like Mother Teresa, John Paul II, and Pier Giorgio Frassati, I unveil the seven major themes of Catholic social teaching and share practical ways to implement them.

From Evangelical to Catholic: My Conversion StoryFrom Evangelical to Catholic: Why I Converted to Catholicism

After 22 years as a Protestant, I journeyed through doubts and questions, Scripture and prayer, the saints and more, and ended up converting to Catholicism. In this talk I share the whole story including what drew me to the Catholic Church. (Catch my conversion story on EWTN’s “Journey Home”.)

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