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How We’re Sending Thousands of Books to Seminarians Halfway Across the World

A couple years ago, you helped me launch the Africa eBook Project. Our goal was to send a digital library of books to EVERY Catholic seminarian in Cameroon, Africa. The plan was to send them CDs packed with books such as the Bible, the complete Church Fathers, St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae, Church documents and encyclicals, and books by saints … Continue reading

Africa eBook Project Update (with Pictures!)

It’s been a while since I updated you on our Africa eBook Project. We launched it a few months ago and our goal, remember, was to raise $4,000. That would provide 2,000 CDs loaded with Catholic eBooks for seminarians throughout Cameroon, Africa. The CDs included titles like the Bible (in English and Latin), the complete writings of the Church Fathers, … Continue reading

Africa eBook Project Update

What if hundreds of people, each armed with a couple dollars, decided to make a difference? What if they used new media to bring good books to people who need them? What if they raised money, built a movement, and “left a dent in the universe”? Well, we did that. Our Africa eBook Project was a tremendous success. In just … Continue reading

Kevin Knight

Interview with Kevin Knight – On New Advent and Digitizing Catholic Tradition

This interview was originally posted at Ignitum Today: Imagine telling Blessed John Henry Newman or Venerable (!!) Fulton Sheen that it was possible to carry the entire Summa Theologica, the writings of the Church Fathers, and hundreds of Church documents wherever they go, on a device that fits in their pocket. They would have been flabbergasted, jaws dropping to the … Continue reading

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