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Fioretti: The Little Flowers of Pope Francis

Almost a thousand years ago, God commanded St. Francis, ‘Rebuild my Church.’ And through a collection of stories, sayings, and colorful anecdotes—the original Little Flowers—we discovered how St. Francis did it. Andrew Tornielli introduces those same flowery scents, hints of the aroma of Christ, wafting throughout Pope Francis’ first year. His new book is full of memorable anecdotes and insightful … Continue reading

Letters to an Atheist: Wrestling with Faith

This collection of letters from Dr. Peter Kreeft to a fictional young atheist is sort of a reverse Screwtape Letters. In both cases, you only read one side of the conversation—Kreeft leaves out the atheist’s letters just as C.S. Lewis eschews Wormwood’s replies to Uncle Screwtape—but Kreeft’s letters inspire faith rather than challenge it. When Kreeft first connects with the … Continue reading

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