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St. Teresa of Calcutta on the 2 Words Jesus Wants You to Hear

This past weekend, we celebrated the canonization of our newest saint, St. Teresa of Calcutta! As the whole world buzzes with admiration for this holy nun, I thought I’d share a marvelous letter that she wrote during Eucharistic adoration, which includes the two words Jesus wants all of us to hear. (NOTE: If you haven’t already, be sure to download … Continue reading

My Sister, Mother Teresa: An Interview with Colleen Carroll Campbell (Video)

I first discovered Colleen Carroll Campbell through her excellent 2002 book, The New Faithful: Why Young Adults Are Embracing Christian Orthodoxy (Loyola Press). The groundbreaking book examined the growing trend toward religious orthodoxy among today’s young people, Catholic and Protestant. I found it well-researched, lucid, and full of important insights. Yet her latest book, dare I say, is even better. … Continue reading

30-Second Book Reviews (5/23)

The Province of Joy: Praying with Flannery O’ConnorAngela Alaimo O’Donnell Many people consider Flannery O’Conner the best short-story writer of the twentieth century. Her macabre tales of death and dysfunction shake readers out of their comfort zone in order to show them grace in the darkest of circumstances. Her work continues to be praised by religious and secular critics alike. … Continue reading

3 Keys to Sharing Your Faith with Joy

Every day I talk with atheists, Protestants, and other non-Catholics about my faith. Sometimes the discussion is personal, with me sharing how Jesus has changed my life. Other times it centers on moral issues like abortion, homosexuality, or contraception. And still other times I deal with objections to things like the male-only ordination, the Church’s “anti-science” stance, or her bold … Continue reading

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