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What is the Biggest Roadblock to the Faith? – An Interview with Karlo Broussard

Why does it seem like so many people reject Christianity? What’s holding them back? Even when we make a strong case for God, many people just shrug their shoulders and walk away. Those are the questions Karlo Broussard answers in his new book, Prepare the Way: Overcoming Obstacles to God, the Gospel, and the Church. Karlo affirms that it’s not … Continue reading

[VIDEO] The Angry Christian: An Interview with Bert Ghezzi

Is anger always bad, or can it be good? How should Christians handle it? That’s what Dr. Bert Ghezzi addresses in his new book, The Angry Christian: A Bible-based Strategy to Care for and Discipline a Valuable Emotion (Paraclete Press, 2018). It’s an updated version of Bert’s mega-bestselling classic by the same name, which has sold 60,000 copies over the … Continue reading

Dr. Peter Kreeft: 26 Books Nobody Should Die Without Reading

Did you catch this wonderful lecture by Dr. Peter Kreeft?? For his assigned topic, Dr. Kreeft was supposed to recommend ten books to read before you die. But he couldn’t help himself. He instead proposed 26 books, stretched over 13 genres, with another 15 bonus titles. You’ll find links to all the books below the lecture. (Also, click here for … Continue reading

Only 7% of your parish is engaged. Here’s how to fix that…

It’s the #1 question most parishes wonder about: How do we engage our inactive parishioners?? It’s such a big problem. I’m sure you know it. Studies show that only about 25% of Catholics attend Mass each Sunday. And only about 7% are actively engaged throughout the week, meaning they show up for parish events, study their faith, join small groups, … Continue reading

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