[VIDEO] 7 Practical Strategies to Help Your Child Return to the Church


Hope you’re enjoying the FREE 4-part video training on how to lead your child back to the Church!

Thousands of people have watched Videos #1 and #2, and downloaded the free eBooks, and already feel more confident and hopeful about their fallen-away children.

In Video #1, we focused on the problem. Video #2 revealed the seeds we must plant before our children return to the Church.

Today, in Video #3, you’ll learn seven practical strategies to help your child come back.

These tips are proven and powerful; I’ve seen them work again and again.

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In this video you’ll learn:

  • Why you should NOT start conversations with your child by discussing faith (and what to cover instead)
  • 3 powerful questions to help your child start thinking about Catholic things
  • The best way to move conversations forward and discover your child’s main resistance to returning
  • How to close the loop and help your child off the proverbial fence so he can fully reconcile with the Church

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