[Video] My 3-Year-Old Son Saying Mass on Easter

When our family arrived home after Mass on Easter Sunday, our three-year-old son Augustine announced that he wanted to say Mass himself.

(Partly because he’s pious, partly because he just wanted the free graham cracker used to say Mass.)

So we got out the kids’ Mass kit—the same one that his older brother, Isaiah, began using when he was three years old—and let Augustine celebrate his own Easter liturgy.

Before he started I took out my iPhone so we record the Mass and share it with a few friends and family. Later, I posted the video on Facebook. I was stunned the next day when I logged in and saw that the video had already been watched over 20,000 times (!!).


Several people mentioned how it brought them joy, or reminded them of when they “said” Mass as children.

We’ve even had priests encourage us, affirming that saying Mass as a child was the seed of their vocation!

So if you need a little pick-me-up today, click below to watch the full video:

And here are videos of his brother Isaiah, now seven years old, saying Mass in the same spot with the same Mass kit. The first is when he was three and the next is when he was five:

Many people have asked about the Mass kit used by the boys. It’s sold by “Our Father’s House” and is called “Miniature Mass Kit”. You can purchase it here.