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Fr. Barron’s epic CATHOLICISM film series debuted in the fall of 2011. Since then, it’s aired on PBS, EWTN, and has been seen by millions around the world. It’s now the most-watched Catholic documentary in history and the accompanying study program has become an essential resource for parishes and schools.

To celebrate the film’s evangelical impact, this week Word on Fire is giving away 500 DVDs, books, and study guides at!

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What Apple’s CEO Gets Wrong About Discrimination and Religious Freedom

Tim Cook

Last night, Apple CEO Tim Cook published an op-ed for The Washington Post, titled “Pro-discrimination ‘religious freedom’ laws are dangerous” (his scare quotes, not mine.) It’s already been shared tens of thousands of times and is a trending article on Facebook.

The article is undoubtedly rousing and emotional, but it’s sadly lacking in real substance.

Before responding to it, let me say that I’m a big fan of Apple, and that I’ve been generally impressed with Cook’s leadership, how he’s continued Apple’s success after Steve Jobs. Cook was placed in a difficult situation yet continues to flourish.

Having said that, Cook’s new article does not match his otherwise shrewd thinking. It’s confused and misguided, the regrettable result of a gifted tech executive trying to play political philosopher. Just as I would never presume to pontificate on nanotechnology or consumer electronic sales, it’s probably not a good idea for (most) tech CEOs to veer outside their expertise.

It’s Here! My 10-Part “Read More Books Now” Video Course

"Read More Books Now" Video Course

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed my FREE video series on how to read more books. I’m simply overwhelmed by all the buzz and energy. Thousands of people went through the series and many of them are reading more than ever before.

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Everybody wants to read more, not less.

But as we all know, it’s hard to do. Last year, 25% of American adults did not finish a single book. The average adult read only ten. Most of us struggle to squeeze a few books into our busy days, and when we actually do find time to read, it’s hard to focus and remember what we read.

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