The Friar Who Was Ordered to Skate


Friar Gabriel skated for seven years as a teenager in Australia, but when he began sensing a call to the religious life, he prepared to abandon his skateboarding to live a life of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

He joined the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate in Toodyay, Western Australia, and for six years he never touched a skateboard.

But then one day his superior gave a surprising assignment. He ordered Friar Gabriel to obtain a skateboard and go to the skatepark once a week, where he would evangelize and witness to the religious life.

Why You Need the New Saint Thomas Institute TODAY (Ends Tomorrow!)


When Dr. Taylor Marshall launched the New Saint Thomas Institute last October, I couldn’t have been more excited. It’s so innovative. Using the power of new media, he created a private membership community where people could take college courses in theology and philosophy for less than $1 per day (that’s just 2% of what a typical college course costs!).

I’ve been part of the Institute since the beginning both as a Member and as a special interview guest. The content is top notch and professionally produced. I don’t think there’s a better bargain in the world of Catholic graduate education.

Taylor recently sat down with me to discuss New Saint Thomas Institute and why you need to sign up TODAY to receive your special bonuses before enrollment closes tomorrow.

Learning from a Woman Leader in the 8th-Century Church

Today we continue our regular series called “Learning from the Saints.” Our guide is expert Bert Ghezzi, a dear friend of mine and the author of numerous books including Voices of the SaintsSaints at Heartand Discover Christ: Developing a Personal Relationship with Jesus.

His more recent books are The Heart of Catholicism and Prayers to the Holy Spirit. You can learn more about Bert and his work at

Today, Bert profiles St. Leoba, an eighth-century missionary to Germany.

The Romance of Religion: An Interview with Fr. Dwight Longenecker


Romance and religion aren’t two words that most people normally associate, but Fr. Dwight Longenecker does. The witty and imaginative priest just released a new book titled, The Romance of Religion: Fighting for Goodness, Truth, and Beauty (Thomas Nelson).

Fr. Dwight recently sat down with me to discuss Jesus, adventure, myth and more.

BRANDON: You introduce your new book, The Romance of Religion, by saying Jesus’ table-turning episode was the key to your own life turning upside-down. How did this happen?