How St. Monica Can Help Your Child Return to the Church


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You probably know the pattern. A smart and gifted boy leaves home for school. He makes new friends. They spend most of their time partying, chasing girls, and embracing new philosophies. The son becomes drawn to a trendy religious cult. Eventually, he moves in with his girlfriend and they have a child, without being married. The boy’s mother can only sit by in despair, heartbroken over his choices and helpless. The only thing she can do is pray.

That’s the story of many Catholics today – and maybe your story. Parents think they’re alone in facing these sorts of troubles, but this pattern isn’t a new one. It stretches back for centuries, and in the case above, even more than a millennium. It’s the fourth-century story of St. Monica and her young wayward son, Augustine.

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“Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others.” – St. Augustine

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The ONE Question Every Catholic Today Needs to Ask


New research shows that 7% of Catholics contribute 80% of all donations and volunteer hours. It’s easy to cater everything to this group. We know they’ll sign-up, they’ll show up, they’ll subscribe, they’ll buy books, they’ll give.

But every Catholic needs to ask this question: what am I doing to reach the other 93%?

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