My New Podcast! – “The Burrowshire Podcast”

With all of us locked down and quarantined, I wanted to share with you a new podcast I just launched with my best friend, Fr. Blake Britton.

It’s called “The Burrowshire Podcast” and you can watch the first couple episodes here:

Fr. Blake is one of the most gifted priests I know. He’s young, smart, affable, and holy. You’re going to love him.

The first night Fr. Blake and I got together, we stayed up talking for nearly six straight hours (!!) about God, theology, and matters of the soul.

This podcast is an extension of that friendship. It’s like you’re sitting with Fr. Blake and me in a wood-paneled library, in front of a roaring fire, discussing faith, culture, books, and the spiritual life.

Each episode includes a video and audio version, and new episodes debut every two weeks.

To ensure you don’t miss any episodes, you definitely want to subscribe to the podcast (it’s free!) via one of the options below:

Enjoy it, and let me know what you think!