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Support a Catholic Speaker Month 2012 – The Speaker List

Support a Catholic Speaker Month



The nomination window is now closed. Check out the final speaker list here!

A few years ago, Matt Warner launched a cool project he called “Support a Catholic Speaker Month”. It began with a poll where you could vote for your favorite Catholic speakers. After a few days of voting, the top 100 speakers were determined and then Catholic bloggers were invited to choose one speaker to write about.

It was exciting for three reasons. First, it promoted great Catholic speakers, who are so important to the life of the Church. Second, it introduced many new and unfamiliar names who deserved a bigger platform. Third, it gave bloggers a chance to connect with speakers while building traffic to their own websites.

Before starting, Matt really stressed that the project was not a competition or popularity contest:

“The primary goal…was not to find out who is better than somebody else. It was to raise awareness about the many Catholic Speakers out there and to support them. They are all sharing the same, one Truth. And as talented and effective as the top favorites are at doing what they do, we need many more like them if we’re going to reach everyone.”

The voting only existed to get the list down to a manageable size—not to determine each speaker’s relative value. And I think everyone got that. With the shared understanding that the whole was designed to promote great Catholic speaking in general, it was a huge success.

Yet that was three years ago. It’s 2012, and time for another round— especially since there are many great new speakers out there. So I asked Matt permission to host another Catholic Speaker Month and he gave me a big thumbs-up.

(Did I mention how awesome Matt is? And that you should invite him, Josh Simmons, and I to bring our Digital Church Conference to your diocese or conference? End of shameless promotion.)

Dwight Schrute

So here’s how Support a Catholic Speaker Month 2012 will work. There will be four stages:

1. Complete the Speaker List (today through Thursday, August 16)

I used Matt’s original list as a starting point, while adding some more on my own, but I’m sure I’m missing people. And that’s where I need your help. If there’s a major Catholic speaker you just love—someone who has inspired you or whose message just blew you away—comment below and I’ll add them to our list.

Unfortunately, we can’t highlight every Catholic speaker around, though I wish we could. Our goal is to whittle the final list down to 100 which means there are some limits. You won’t be allowed to nominate the following people:

  • Pope Benedict XVI – He’s brilliant. He’s clear. And he’s the mouthpiece of Christ. Therefore, he’s out. Sorry, Papa.
  • Bishops – As Matt said three years ago, “bishops in general are out because they are in a totally other league when it comes to speaking.” Most bishops are great speakers, and let’s just assume they deserve support twelve months of the year.
  • Yourself – This doesn’t mean you can’t be on the list. It just means you can’t nominate yourself. Consider this a fraternal check against pride and ego.


2. Vote for Speakers (Thursday, August 16)

After we finalize our speaking list, we’ll open up the voting this Thursday. You’ll be allowed to vote *one time* for your top ten fifteen favorite speakers. The polls will stay open for one week.

3. Choose your Speaker (Thursday, August 23)

After the voting, I’ll tally the results and list the top 100 Catholic speakers. The list will go live here at 9:00am ET on Thursday, August 23, and once it does you’ll be able to choose one speaker to blog about. Requests will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis so be sure to check back on Thursday morning.

4. Celebrate “Support a Catholic Speaker Month” (September 2012)

After you claim your speaker you’ll then have several days to write about him or her. The style is up to you: you might choose a biographical post, perhaps a collection of video or audio clips, or maybe even a full-blown interview.

The whole month of September will be marked as Catholic Speaker Month 2012 so you don’t have to post right on September 1—though the earlier, the better. When your post does go live, I’ll link to it from the main Catholic Speaker Month page and invite everyone to check it out.

The Speaker List

With all that said, here’s our list of Catholic speakers. Comment below and tell me who we’re missing:



The nomination window is now closed. Check out the final speaker list here!


    • Al Kresta
    • Alan Keyes
    • Anne Marie Cribbin
    • Barbara Elliott
    • Barbara McGuigan
    • Barbara Nicolosi
    • Becky Eldredge
    • Bert Ghezzi
    • Bill Donaghy
    • Bill Moyer
    • Bob Perron
    • Bob Rice
    • Bob Lefnesky
    • Bob McCarty
    • Brad Farmer
    • Brad Henning
    • Brandon Vogt
    • Brenda Sharman
    • Brent Stubbs
    • Brian Patrick
    • Bryan Cones
    • Chris Padgett
    • Chris Roach
    • Chris Stefanick
    • Christina King
    • Christopher Kaczor
    • Christopher West
    • Colleen Hammond
    • Collin Raye
    • Crystalina Evert
    • Curtis Martin
    • Dale Ahlquist
    • Dale Recinella
    • Damon Owens
    • Danielle Bean
    • Dan Harms
    • Danny Abramowicz
    • Dave DiNuzzo
    • Dave Dumaine
    • Dave Durand
    • David Haas
    • Dawn Eden
    • Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
    • Deacon Ralph Poyo
    • Deacon Sabatino Carnazzo
    • Devin Rose
    • DJ Bill Lage
    • Dom Philip Anderson
    • Donna-Maria Cooper O’Boyle
    • Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand
    • Dr. Angela Franks
    • Dr. Bill Donohue
    • Dr. Brant Pitre
    • Dr. Celia Sirois
    • Dr. Colleen Mast
    • Dr. David Franks
    • Dr. Denis McNamara
    • Dr. Edward Sri
    • Dr. Greer Gordon
    • Dr. Helen Alvaré
    • Dr. Janet Smith
    • Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse
    • Dr. John Bergsma
    • Dr. John Cuddebeck
    • Dr. Kevin Vost
    • Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio
    • Dr. Margarett Schlientz
    • Dr. Mark Miravalle
    • Dr. Mary Healy
    • Dr. Meg Meeeker
    • Dr. Megan McKenna
    • Dr. Michael Barber
    • Dr. Michael Carotta
    • Dr. Paul Camarata
    • Dr. Peter Kreeft
    • Dr. Pia de Solenni
    • Dr. Ralph Martin
    • Dr. Ray Guarendi
    • Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons
    • Dr. Robert George
    • Dr. Scott Hahn
    • Dr. Taylor Marshall
    • Dr. Thomas Reese
    • Dr. Tim Gray
    • Drew Mariani
    • E. J. Dionne
    • Elizabeth Scalia
    • Ennie Hickman
    • Eduardo Verastegui
    • Fr. Andrew Apostoli
    • Fr. Benedict Crole
    • Fr. Benedict Groeschel
    • Fr. Clement Machado
    • Fr. Dave Dwyer
    • Fr. Dave Pivonka
    • Fr. Donald Calloway
    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker
    • Fr. Ed Fride
    • Fr. Emmerich Vogt
    • Fr. Frank Pavone
    • Fr. Gregory Boyle
    • Fr. James Martin
    • Fr. James Wehner
    • Fr. Jay Finelli
    • Fr. Joe Kempf
    • Fr. John Bartunek
    • Fr. John Cusick
    • Fr. John Heagle
    • Fr. John Riccardo
    • Fr. John Zuhlsdorf
    • Fr. Jonathan Morris
    • Fr. Joseph Fessio
    • Fr. Kazimierz Chwalek
    • Fr. Larry Richards
    • Fr. Leo Patalinghug
    • Fr. Michael Crosby
    • Fr. Michael Gaitley
    • Fr. Michael Scanlan
    • Fr. Michael Schmitz
    • Fr. Mitch Pacwa
    • Fr. Nathan Cromly
    • Fr. Paul Check
    • Fr. Paul Scalia
    • Fr. Peter Damian Fehlner
    • Fr. Peter John Cameron
    • Fr. Richard Fragomeni
    • Fr. Richard Rohr
    • Fr. Robert Barron
    • Fr. Robert Sirico
    • Fr. Robert Spitzer
    • Fr. Roderick Vonhogen
    • Fr. Stan Fortuna
    • Fr. Tad Pacholczyk
    • Fr. Terry Donahue
    • Fr. Tony Ricard
    • Fr. Wade Menezes
    • Fr. William Casey
    • Garry Wills
    • Gary Zimak
    • George Weigel
    • Gene Monterastelli
    • Gina Loehr
    • Gloria Purvis
    • Greg and Jennifer Willits
    • Greg Wasinski
    • Gus Lloyd
    • Hallie Lord
    • Heather Khym
    • Heather KIng
    • Hector Antonio Molina Jr.
    • Henry Libersat
    • Immaculee Ilibagiza
    • Jack Jezreel
    • Jackie Francois
    • Jake Khym
    • Jason Angelette
    • Jason Evert
    • Jason Jones
    • Jeannie Hannemann
    • Jeff Cavins
    • Jeff Young
    • Jennifer Fulwiler
    • Jesse Manibusan
    • Jesse Romero
    • Jim Beckman
    • Jim Blackburn
    • Jim Burnham
    • Jim Sedlak
    • Jim Stenson
    • Jimmy Akin
    • Joe McClane
    • Joe Paprocki
    • John Allen, Jr.
    • John Martignoni
    • John Michael Talbot
    • John Salza
    • Johnette Benkovic
    • Joia Farmer
    • Jon Leonetti
    • Joseph Bottum
    • Joseph Pearce
    • Judy McDonald
    • Justin Fatica
    • Karl Keating
    • Karlo Broussard
    • Kate Wicker
    • Kathleen McCarthy
    • Kathryn Jean Lopez
    • Keith Strohm
    • Kevin Clarke
    • Kevin Lowry
    • Kimberly Hahn
    • Kyle Heimann
    • Leah Darrow
    • Lino Rulli
    • Lisa Hendey
    • Marcel LeJeune
    • Marcus Grodi
    • Margaret Steinfels
    • Marge Fenelon
    • Mark Hart
    • Mark Houck
    • Mark P. Shea
    • Marquerite Peeters
    • Mary Ann Glendon
    • Mary Bielski
    • Mary Sharon More
    • Matt Smith
    • Matt Swaim
    • Matthew Bunson
    • Matthew Fradd
    • Matthew Kelly
    • Matthew Pinto
    • Matthew Warner
    • Michael Coren
    • Michael Cumbie
    • Michael Patin
    • Michael Voris
    • Mike Aquilina
    • Mike Patin
    • Mike Theisen
    • Monica Ashour
    • Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God
    • Msgr. Arhutr Calkins
    • Msgr. Charles Pope
    • Msgr. James Moroney
    • Msgr. Richard Soseman
    • Pam Stenzel
    • Pat Gohn
    • Paul George
    • Patrick Coffin
    • Patrick Madrid
    • Patrick Novecosky
    • Patrick Smith
    • Patty Schneier
    • Peter Herbeck
    • Peter Steinfels
    • Phillip Chavez
    • Randy Hain
    • Raymond Arroyo
    • Raymond de Souza
    • Regina Doman
    • Regis Flaherty
    • Rich Donnely
    • Richard Lane
    • Rose Sweet
    • Russ Ford
    • Sarah Reinhard
    • Sean Forrest
    • Sean Reynolds
    • Sherry Weddell
    • Simcha Fisher
    • Sonja Corbitt
    • Sr. Anne Flanagan
    • Sr. Fran Ferder
    • Sr. Helen Prejean
    • Sr. Helena Burns
    • Sr. Kathryn James Hermes
    • Sr. Marie-Paul Curley
    • Stephanie Wood
    • Steve Angrisano
    • Steve Ray
    • Steven Kellmeyer
    • Tammy Evevard
    • Tarek Saab
    • Teresa Tomeo
    • Thomas Cahill
    • Thomas Howard
    • Thomas Peters
    • Thomas Smith
    • Tim Staples
    • Todd Lemieux
    • Tom Peterson
    • Tony Esolen
    • Tony Melendez
    • Woodeene Koenig-Bricker



Which favorite Catholic speakers am I missing?


  • DQ

    I know I’m a year late, but Dr. David Franks is amazing… I’ll browse around trying to find a similar promotion for 2013, but I could not let that go unsaid.

  • Ncasino

    The list is fine but I wondered why you do not have Fr. Bing Arellano.. He is a worldwide speaker. In the category of top 20 speakers and drawing a crowd of at least 300 to 1000 by himself.

  • Ncasino

    The list is okayed but I wondered you do not have Fr. Bing Arellano.. He is a worldwide speakers. In the category of top 20 speakers…

  • Cassooner

    Mario St. Francis!

  • eml242

    Did anybody attend the first annual Catholic Mid-Atlantic Congress conference in Baltimore, MD for 3 days in March, 2011? I am from SC. I drove there just to attend. That was the best catholic conference I have attended, with so many very good selected speakers in the USA on various different topics. They are doing it again in 3/2012. As for the well known catholic authors and speakers, I recommend, Jeff Cavin for his Journey to the Bible video, Fr Robert Baron for Catholism series video, Fr Corapi for Catholism in EWTN. Scott Hanh and Jeff Cavin, I love listening to both of them in the Fathers Plan TV series in EWTN. They have the unique rapport considering both are very talented and are good speakers individually.

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